Friday, May 17, 2013

Prompt #17 - Favorite Photo & Why

Day 17 - A favorite photo of yourself and why...

Well first of all, I'm cheating and including two pictures, because I love them both so much. These photos are both from our engagement session last month (with the amazing Phil Pullen Photography!) and I just love them both so much. 

A few reasons why: 
One - my sweet fiance is adorably cute, so of course I like that :) 
Two - they were both taken at Flagler College, where I went to school, and I just loved it there. I love the beautiful campus and the education I got, and mostly the amazing friends I made while there. Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, is a special place for me, and for Jeff now too since we've visited there so many times together! 
Three - these pictures are a obviously just a great way to celebrate our engagement!

These photos are special to me because they celebrate not only our engagement to each other, but at the most basic level, they celebrate our love for each other. And that is so special to me. He is such an amazing man and I love him so much, and I am just so stinking excited to marry him in October!! As much wedding planning as we still have to do before then, I also just can't wait for that day to be here. 

But before we get to my wedding - it's my little sister's turn to get married!! Her wedding is TOMORROW, and holy crap how did it get here so fast? She's been engaged since last June, and at times it's felt like forever, but mostly it seems to have gone by pretty quickly. I just can't believe it's finally here for her, and that she will now be Mrs. Walker! Craziness. There's a special post already scheduled for tomorrow morning, so come back and check that out, for some mushy gushy lovin' on my little sister, complete with lots of old pictures of us :)


Anonymous said...

I love these photos!!! Happy Friday!

Dara said...

have a great time at the wedding!

Anonymous said...


I saw your button on another blog and I thought I would follow! I am a fellow blogger but from a future expat point of view (I will be moving to the US from the UK to be with my husband).

I look forward to following your adventures and love the photographs you included in this post!

♡ Molly

Bria said...

love that navy dress girl!! it is too cute on you :)

Erin said...

SUCH cute pictures of you two!! Love is all ya need :)