Monday, May 13, 2013

Particularly Good Weekend

Good Morning! It's Monday. And HO. LY. CRAP people - this is the week my little sister gets married!! I woke up this morning almost as excited as if it was my own wedding and not hers. We still have a lot to do, but it's almost here and we're definitely all ready for it! I'm only working today and tomorrow, then Wednesday is slam-packed full of stuff, Thursday is all sorts of luncheons and decorating and the bachelorette party. Then Friday is more wedding stuff and rehearsals and dinners and then the wedding on Saturday! So, so crazy, but so, so awesome.

Before I get too carried away talking about wedding excitements of the upcoming week though, I want to recap the fun of my weekend, of course!

This Weekend I........

This FRIDAY I.....
- Went to dinner at The Front Porch with Jeff's family, for his birthday dinner, and it was delicious of course
- Rented two movies from Redbox and we watched the first one, Jack Reacher, that night. Great movie!

- Jeff and I went to breakfast at The Egg, and I thoroughly enjoyed my giant meal, even though I only ate half

Jeff's: He kept it simple and just got bacon, eggs, English muffin and the potatoes.

- Then we met some friends at the Monticello Karting Track, for some amazingly fun go-kart driving!
- (These are adult go-karts, that go up to 45 mph - they are no joke! And they are freaking awesome! Also, they don't have power steering, so driving them is actually hard work. My arms and sides are still super sore today from it!)
- Went and grabbed yummy pizza for lunch with our friends in downtown Monticello

I wasn't smiling inside my helmet, because I didn't think you could tell. Well, you can. But I promise I was happy!

- Shopped at Kohl's for Mother's Day presents, and I also got 2 new dresses for wedding stuff this week
- Went home to shower, and then me, my sister, our mom & aunt picked up Meg's dress, and learned how to bustle it!
- Ate dinner real quick at Jeff's house, then we headed over to our friend Lacey's house for a chill night just hanging out

This SUNDAY I....
- Went to 3rd grade Sunday school and big church with my family

- Had a great Mother's Day lunch at my aunt and uncles house, and had a nice family time all together
-Went shopping for a bit with my Mama, and got some new shoes to go with my new dresses
- Eventually headed over to Jeff's house, where we just relaxed and took it easy the rest of the evening
- Oh, and we watched our other Redbox movie, Django Unchained, and it was real good! (Just super long.)
- Stayed up 'til 1:45 a.m. while I finished reading "The Host," and it was soo good! I was sobbing at one point...

Another great weekend, full of fun stuff and also some relaxation. So thankful for days off of work to spend doing things I want to do, or even need to do, but at least I get that luxury! (Also I just realized I didn't know how to spell "luxury" - so thank you red squiggle line for that one.) Looking forward to the craziness that this week brings, and all the fun times we'll have and the memories we'll make!

And don't forget to come back tomorrow to join in with myself & Hallie for another week of our fun link-up, "From Firsts to Lasts!"

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Erin said...

Why are you always havin so much fun?! :) I love it! I would seriously die for that breakfast spread right about now haha.. I haven't had a big yummy breakfast in forever!!

YAY for wedding week!!!

Anonymous said...

This weekend sounds like so much fun!!! Congrats to your sister on her wedding this week! YAY! And that breakfast looks AMAZING! I want now :)

Sarah said...

I have beenw wanting to see Django unchained!!!!

Uh those breakfast look AH-MAZING!!Yumooo.

Becky said...

What a weekend! I am drooling over your breakfast!!!! I saw Django too and really liked it - but it was pretty long!! Have a wonderful week with all the wedding festivities! Congrats to your sister :)

Kate said...

I just realized that your family is going to have like 2 weddings within a year of each other, right? That's craziness, girl! I mean, a lot of fun, but I bet your family is just going in organizational overdrive! :)

Also, you and Jeff with your cute matching outfits? Get outta here!

Megan D said...

Stopping by from TWI. I have to say adult go-karting sounds intense and fun! When I saw that, I immediately yelled out to my husband, "I found something I think you would love!" Ha! Sounds like a great weekend.

Dara said...

your breakfast looks amazing! I would have eaten the whole thing and regretted it later, lol. go-karting sounds fun too!

Emily said...

I would love to go ride "adult go-karts"! It looks like so much fun!