Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post-Wedding Weigh-In

Wednesday means we're half way through the week, and only two more work days before we reach a  3-day weekend! That makes me a very happy girl. And since today is Wednesday, we all know that means I hopped on that scale this morning, and snapped a quick picture to share. Today's Weigh-In Wednesday post will once again actually be pretty quick and easy, because there's not too much to share. And of course I'm linking up with Erin and Alex too!

Check out those awesome flowers from my pre-wedding pedicure! They're so cute and I like them so much :)

Initial Starting weight = 227
January starting weight = 217
Last Week, May 15 = 188
Today, May 22 = 189.2

And yes, that's a gain. But you know what? For once, I'm not too worried about the gain. Because it happened after celebrating my sister's wedding! And that's OK with me for this week. I mean, I ate a ton of delicious food from Thursday all the way through yesterday, and we still have reception leftovers at my house. I'll just have to switch from the yummiest of leftover things, to the leftover fruits and veggies instead. Oh, and I should probably leave the rest of the leftover wedding cake alone too ;)

Also, I haven't worked out since last Tuesday because of all the wedding craziness. I mean, I was very active during those days (packed and moved Meg to her new house on Wednesday, lots of set-up and decorating on Thursday, errands on Friday, wedding on Saturday...) but I never actually ran or worked out for real. So the combination of eating pretty much whatever I wanted, mixed with no real workouts, of course means a little gain for the week. But I know once I reign my eating back in, and begin with my exercise routine again, I'll be back on track in no time!

And come back later today around lunch-time if you want to see some pictures of Megan's ceremony!


Vicki F said...

I love those toe flowers, I had similar for my holiday to Egypt last year and I ended up with more self shots of my feet than anything else! Glad you enjoyed your sister's special day and are not worried about a small gain, these things are too important not to celebrate properly x

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

LOOOVE her dress, and you both looked so gorgeous!

ahh. I love wedddings, bet it has made you SOO excited for yours;)