Monday, May 20, 2013

Party Chicken for the Bridesmaids

I'm back from a crazy wedding weekend for Megan! It was exhausting and fun and crazy and amazing. And I can't wait to share it! Since so many things have happened over the last five or so days, I'll be recapping all of my sister's wedding events in a couple of posts over the next few days. So today we'll start with the bridesmaids luncheon from Thursday!

My Aunt Suzanne hosted it at her house, and she did such a beautiful job. Everything was seriously so gorgeous, and we all loved both the decoration and the food! So let's just show the pictures now :)

"Isn't this chicken called something fancy?" ... "Um, it's just Party Chicken!"
Megan & her Jr. Bridesmaids, Abby & Anna
Silly bridesmaids, minus one
Megan & Aunt Suzanne
Megan & Mama

It was a beautiful lunch and we had a great time! Afterwards, we all went to the church and started decorating for the reception, and we got a lot of work done! Once we were basically done there for the day,  it was time to head out to Megan & Bo's new house in order to start setting up for the bachelorette party! Those pictures will have to wait though (until later - hopefully), because the pictures were all taken on Megan's camera, and now we sadly can't find the camera... :( But we're still searching, so it'll show up eventually!

Tomorrow's  post will be the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, so get ready for that too :)


Anonymous said...

awwww such great photos!!! :) Looks like a fabulous time

Lisa said...

Awww how sweet! Looks like you all had fun!!! I love all the pics and I LOVE your shoes!!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Aww SUCH a cute luncheon! Everyone looks so pretty and happy :) Love your bridesmaid bags too, very cute!

Dara said...

very cute pictures and looks really yummy!

Karen M said...

Y'all look like you are having a great time, very pretty too. Party on!