Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peek of the Ceremony

Obviously I wasn't taking any pictures of my own during the ceremony, so I only have a couple that I was able to swipe from a couple other people. The majority of these come from our friend Allison, who is also the mama to the precious flower girl and adorable ring bearer. And then a good amount also come from my sweet fiance who set up some video cameras (unbeknownst to us!) and was taking pictures! Glad I was able to gather up at least a few shots of the ceremony while we wait for all the professional pictures to come!

If you missed the last few recaps, you can see them here: bridesmaids luncheon, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and getting ready the morning of the wedding.

Look to the left, behind the white wall, and you can see us singing, while they do the sand ceremony on the right!

I'll be so excited to see more of these once the photographer sends them all back to Meg! Tomorrow will be the last recap with a few shots of the reception. (Unless of course we ever find Megan's camera, then I'll eventually show you some bachelorette party pictures too! Fingers still crossed for that one...)


Veronica Lee Burns said...

The dresses yall wore are beautiful!

How fun that you and your sister are engaged/getting married around the same time!

Kate said...

How precious is that little ring bearer? Can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great and it is always so nice to have a selection of professional and non-professional ones as you get a real sense of the day from the perspective of others and those that know you/the couple well.
♡ Molly

Frances Kendrick said...

So pretty....
I love the bouquets. The color & flowers were perfect!