Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Princeton, NYC & Elizabethton - FFTL Link-Up

Yesterday I took the day off work for an extra day of wedding recovery. It was much needed, and definitely a good thing for me, but I really wish I could have taken another day or two still! I'm back at work today, but absolutely wishing I was still at home. At least this coming weekend is a long one! I am excited to be back in the blog-world though, because I really haven't been since this time last week! So let's dive right into our normal Tuesday post, with my weekly link-up, From Firsts to Lasts!

Today's topics are:
First thing I do when I get to work
First vacation without my parents

First thing I do when I get to work
Unload and unpack all that I brought with me that day. Sometimes I bring in my bag of workout clothes, that's also loaded down with snacks and who knows what else. So I gotta put all that away somewhere! Then I head to the water fountain to fill up my cup of water - and then I'll do that at least four more times during the day. (And then I'll have to pee about six more times during the day...) And then I finally get my computer up and running, and get going on all the emails! I answer a public inquiry inbox for my department, so I'm always answering emails from the public. It gets real old, real fast, but at least it's pretty easy most of the time.

First vacation without my parents
Well, I went on a ton of trips to church camp and cheerleading camp and mission trips and stuff all through my middle and high school years. But I'm not sure I would really consider that a vacation. So I'm gonna say that the first vacation without my parents was probably The Great American Road Trip (The GART) that I took with my girlfriends in August 2010. Three of us (me, Jenni & Cally) started in St. Augustine, FL, drove to Charlotte, NC, to pick up another girl (Hollis), and then drove to Elizabethton, TN, to stay four days with one of our married couple friends (Megan & Dan). Then me, Jenni, Cally, Hollis & Megan all drove to Princeton, NJ, to stay with another couple of our married friends, Kaley & Zach. From there, we went into New York City for a day, and had a great time there. 

It was a 10-day long trip (maybe a little longer, I can't remember), and we had such an amazing time!! We laughed so much, and explored everything we could. We played tons of games, and went shopping, and saw a Broadway, and wore funny hats, and hiked part of the Appalachian Trail. And generally, we just had a freaking blast! We haven't been able to do a trip like that again since then, but we're hoping we can one day!

If you'd like to join in on this fun link up, check out the super simple 'rules' below, and get to writing! Can't wait to see all the new link ups this week, meet new friends, and read y'all's posts!

1. Write your own post about this week's topics & link up with us!
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And if you'd like to prepare for next week's link-up, the two 'first' topics will be:
First blate you went on (or who you like to meet if you haven't done this yet!)
First blog you visit on your blog roll or RSS feed

I'm silly and forgot how to run my own link-up, and that next week is actually the last  week of the month, which means it's also the first time we'll write about our lasts!  So don't write about those firsts I gave you before, you should actually write about:
Last book you read
Last movie you saw in a theater


Anonymous said...

That road trip sounds like a blast!!!

Becky said...

What a fun road trip with friends!!! I love this link up I'm going to join next week!! :)

Jamie said...

That road trip sounds amazing!

Dara said...

how'd you fit so many girls in one car? :)
what broadway show did you see?

Andrea H. said...

The road trip looks like SUCH a fun time!! Love those pics :)