Friday, May 3, 2013

Places To Go & Things To Do

I haven't shared a good "About Me" style post in a couple of months now, and my blog has definitely grown a lot since then. So today I've decided to give y'all a little more insight into my life! I've seen this in blog-land before, so I can't take credit for it, but I have no idea who came up with it to give them credit....Oh well. It's gonna be fun anyways :) So here's a reverse pyramid of getting-to-know-Halie facts.

10 Favorite Foods
Pizza - just about any toppings make me happy
Pasta - I like the 'short' noodles best, i.e. penne, rotini, bowtie, elbow...
Popcorn - at the movie theater is best
Buffalo Chicken Po'Boy -or anything buffalo!
Chicken Pot Pie - homemade by my Mama
Chocolate cake - or anything chocolate!
Chips & Salsa
Big juicy burgers from restaurants
(Note: these are my favorite foods regardless of how healthy I'm trying to eat. I try to limit them, but I still love them anyways.)

For the record - Jeff & I split that and made it into 2 burgers. I didn't eat that whole thing...

9 Favorite Movies
The Sound of Music
Pitch Perfect
Pirates of the Caribbean
My Girl
How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days
The Little Mermaid
The Princess Bride
the Harry Potter series
The Holiday
(Note: I have sooo many favorites, narrowing it down to 9 was difficult!)

8 Favorite Musical Artists
The Civil Wars
Carrie Underwood
Gavin DeGraw
Rascal Flatts
Kelly Clarkson
The Band Perry
Lady Antebellum
Walk Off the Earth
(Note: Again, I have so many different ones, and they're constantly changing, but this is good for now...)

7 Things I Love Right Now
The sunshine
My Polar Watch
Vine (find me! - HalieRenee88)
Bike Rides with Jeff
Learning how to play my ukulele
"The New Girl"

6 Places I'd Love To Visit
Italy - let's be honest - to eat my way all over the country
Cincinnati, Ohio - to visit Bridget!
Any tropical island (really, I'd take just about all of them)
Paris, France

5 Favorite Games
Catch Phrase
Golf (the card game, not the ball & putter game)
Phase Ten

4 Things I'd Like To Do Again
Take a trip back to NYC
Go on another cruise
Take a cross-country road trip with my college girlfriends 
Go snorkeling in the Keys
(Seems like all the things I want to re-do are all travel-related!)

3 Things I'd Like To Do in 2013
Visit a new state
Ride my bike 500 miles total (Only 7 down...)
Read 24 books (So far, I'm only on number 6)

2 Facts About Me
I get really easily creeped out - random things give me the "heebie-jeebies" all. the. time.
I've never broken a bone or had surgery or had braces

1 Meaning Behind My Blog Name
It's just three of my very favorite things - that just all happen to start with the letter "P!" I also really just like alliterations wherever possible, so that's one reason I did it that way. And for those those haven't noticed, every single one of my blog post titles starts with a "P" as well! (Full story of when/why I started my blog HERE.)

And that does it for the about-me stuff!

This morning, I did day 2 of the 6 Week Six-Pack, and was able to keep up a tiny bit better. Not completely, but better. By the end of this thing, maybe I'll be able to stay with her the whole time!? I'm feeling pretty great though, and it was a good way to start off my day, despite the fact I did not want to wake up that early to do it. But I'm glad I did :)

I'm only working a half day at work, and then leaving at noon. Then, the Family & Child Sciences department (my sister's major) is hosting a reception for the graduates and their families, so we'll hit that up this afternoon. Then our whole family is having dinner together and finally heading to the Civic Center to watch my sister and my cousin both graduate from Florida State University! Yay!! Tomorrow, myself, my Mama and my Aunt Suzanne are going shopping in Jacksonville (mother-of-the-bride dress for my mom for Meg's wedding, and wedding dresses for me!). And then Sunday Jeff and I have planned a beach trip to St. George Island for the afternoon! Definitely looking forward to that. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

I hope y'all have wonderful Friday's, and even better weekends! Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!


Angie Bean said...

I'm pretty sure our souls are twins.

What a fun weekend you have planned!! Can't wait to see all the instagram pics!

Katy E said...

We like a lot of the same movies, and Quelf is such a fun, weird game. I love it!

Joan Dino said...

That burger and your food list, yup I'm hungry! :9

Becky said...

What a fun post! We definitely have lots in common - love me some Gavin Degraw especially!! I think it would be hard to narrow down my 9 favorite movies too. Have a great weekend! :)

Lea said...

Love this! I might have to copy this for my own blog! Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

Food in Italy is so delicious. I had the best pasta of my life in Rome.. complete with a million veggies, capers, etc. YUM!

Nadine Lynn said...

That burger looks RIDICULOUSLY good!!!!

Erin said...

Well I'm officially hungry ;) I love popcorn and pretzels wayyyy more than I should! And I think we're seeing a movie tonight and now I KNOW i'll be ordering buttery popcorn haha!

Also- we LOVE Quelf!!

Have SO MUCH FUN shopping!!

Katie Oldham said...

Oh my gosh that burger looks incredible! I really enjoyed reading this, I love getting little insights into other people's lives! x

Michelle said...

You have pretty much listed my 10 favourite foods right there too! Its great to get to know you a bit more :) Hope you have a fab weekend x

Anonymous said...

Pasta is my single favorite food, you can do so much with it. I hate that it gets a bad reputation for making people fat (the huge portions are bad, not the pasta itself!).