Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Practice for The Big Day

(If you missed it, I already shared about the Bridesmaids Luncheon yesterday.) So on Friday night, we all did the usual rehearsal and rehearsal dinner all together. A very long time ago, Megan and Bo had asked me and Zach (Bo's brother) to sing a song together during the ceremony. So Friday night, we got there early to practice one more time and run a sound check. Then once everyone else was there, we got that show on the road! Megan had hired a wedding coordinator, and she did a great job to help with all the planning along the way, and definitely the night before and the day of the wedding. She ran things so smoothly! 

After the rehearsal, we all went to dinner together at Bo's favorite restaurant, Marie Livingston's. We enjoyed yummy food, and fun times, and celebrating the upcoming nuptials for my little sister and her very-soon-to-be husband! 

It was a good night of family and food and fun, and we all had a great time together! Afterwards, Megan and I went home, and we packed up all we would need for Saturday. Then we had our last sleepover as two single sisters. I put this up as my Facebook status late Friday night, and I want to share it here too:

"This all still seems so strange - tonight by baby sister goes to sleep for the last time as a single woman; the last night we share our last name; the last night we share the same roof. So I'm glad we're spending this night in the same bed together too :) When we wake up in the morning, it will be her wedding day, and the start of a new journey for her as a wife, with her new husband. So strange, and also so exciting! Love this girl with all my heart, and I'm so excited for tomorrow!"

For tomorrow's post, I'll be sharing pictures of all the girls getting ready on Saturday morning, and a sneak peak of the bridesmaids' photo session! Lots of prettiness in tomorrow's post :)


Bekah @ re·solve said...

yay weddings! love the pics and her stripey dress!

Nicole McKenzie said...

Your hair is getting long!!! It has passed it's plateau length :)Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for weddings! That's awesome you are singing a song! :)

Becky said...

What a sweet status!! :) I can't wait to keep reading about the wedding!! :)

Andrea H. said...

Super sweet status from Facebook! Makes me wish I had a sister :) Although, I did get a little teary when my brother got married a few years ago so maybe it's a good thing I only have brothers instead...haha! Might not have survived a sister getting married!

Dara said...

I so wish I had a sister!! it's great that you two are so close!