Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plus-Size Workout Barbie & Other Randoms

I liked writing down my random thoughts last Thursday with no rhyme or reason, and I think most of y'all said that you liked it too. So I'm gonna do it again today and see how it turns out this week!

Tomorrow night my  baby sister graduates from college!! It just seems so weird. Sometimes I hardly feel like I'm old enough to be a college grad, but that was three years ago for me now! And now my "little" sister is graduating too?! Weird. Oh, and so is my cousin! They both go to Florida State University, and we got lucky and their graduations are together! (There are like four different grad times throughout the weekend, so really, we were super lucky to only have to go to one for both of them!) Two more soon-to-be alums in our family!

Oh, and for FSU graduation tomorrow, tonight I'll be painting my fingernails garnet and gold, just to be festive :)

Last night after work, Jeff and I went on a spontaneous bike ride! It had been right over six months since we had ridden - six months people! We used to go on about 4-6 rides a month, and now we hadn't been for half a year. Sheesh. The original plan had been to do an easy, 4-mile joyride, but we ended up doing 7.25 miles, and riding a lot of hills! It felt great though - despite the fact both of our booty's are sore today since we're not used to it anymore!

Also, I told Jeff last night (before we rode bikes and I was still looking good and my makeup wasn't all over my face...) that I felt like I looked like "Plus-Size Workout Barbie." I had on a bright pink tank top with a purple sports bra, purple hair band, pink watch, pink on my shoes, and a high, bouncy, semi-blonde pony tail. That's a lot of pink and purple. Oh, and big boobs. Barbies always have big boobs. Plus-Size Workout Barbie indeed.

After our bike ride last night, I made us dinner and it was delish. Like I said yesterday, for the month of May, I'm avoiding meat, cheese, bread and sweets. And I'm making Jeff do it with me for dinner each night too :) So I found a recipe for Skinny Mexican Quinoa (we subbed a can of diced tomatoes with green chilis, instead of tomatoes and chilis, and also added a can of corn in ours too), and it was so simple and so good! Glad we have leftovers for tonight too!

I cut up an avocado last night with our quinoa as well, and it was so fresh and yummy. I wanted to just eat the whole thing right by itself. It just tasted amazing! I'll be having another one again tonight, and then I think I want to buy a whole bag of them! I love making fresh, homemade guacamole - and that would be a great, healthy snack with some carrots! And plus it's so easy to make!

I finally started making some progress in my book. Last Thursday I was on page 50, and today I'm on page 165. However, there's a total of 829 pages - so I still have a loooong way to go in this one.

On Saturday, my Mama, myself and my Aunt Suzanne are going over to Jacksonville for the day to go shopping. My Mama had previously bought a mother-of-the-bride dress to wear to my sister's wedding, but she's been losing weight too, and now it's too big! So she needs a new one, and we've looked everywhere in Tallahassee. So to Jax we go! I'm also hoping we'll try to sneak in a bridal store or two for me to try on some more dresses again :)

I did day one of Jillian Michaels' 6 Week Six-Pack this morning, and that crap is HARD. She is insane. I could only keep up with her like half of the time, and I still felt like I was dying. Maybe I'll like it more once I get used to it, but this morning I pretty much hated it. I did take some "before" shots though, so I can have some comparisons for "after." Maybe I'll share them someday...for now though, I'll keep that mess to myself.

I bought a workout tank top from Costco the other day, for $13. I only got one since I couldn't try it on, and didn't know how it would feel/work, but I wore it to Zumba on Tuesday, and it was awesome! I'm going back tonight to grab a couple more in different colors :) Feels great, awesome price, bright colors. Sign me up.

I wanted to just keep on writing and writing and writing some more, but I think I'm about out of random stuff for the day now. And also I think this post is long enough... So I guess that wraps this up again today! Maybe I'll just start sharing random thoughts every Thursday? We'll see I suppose. For now though, I hope y'all have a great day!


Yesi said...

Girl, you look amazing!!! I'm not much of an FSU fan because I'm a Hurricanes fan but, congrats to your baby sis anyways! lol Where do you get your workout clothes?! Obssessed! & I also love your bike! Loveeee this post, ouuu and your nails are amazing! Happy Thursday babe! ♥

Rachel said...

Cute nails and yay for long bike rides! We used to ride to our favorite coffee shop every weekend in AZ, but we have yet to pull them out and ride in FL. I've heard of a cool bird sanctuary near our house so we'll probably do that. :)

Nicole McKenzie said...

Enjoy the boobs while you have 'em! I seriously think mine are smaller than an A-cup now. The joys of working out :)

13.1 Miles to Disney said...

I second Nicole, enjoy your boobs now! I'm pretty sure all of the weight I've lost has been in my boobs & butt. I love your bright colored work out clothes!