Friday, May 10, 2013

Pizza, Presents & Purple Flowers

FRIDAY! Hooray :) I'm so glad it's here. It hasn't been a particularly rough week or anything, but I've been feeling exhausted this whole week. I think it is still stemming from super early mornings last weekend, followed by super full days. And I just never was able to catch up after that! I think I get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow, so that will be oh so lovely. Hopefully at least. Anyways, for the past couple weeks I did some other random posts and took a break from High Five for Friday, but it's back today, so here we go! And I'm of course linking up with Lauren.

1. Beautiful blue skies in Florida almost this whole week. Which was a very welcome sight because last week was so gray and dreary the whole time!

2. Celebrating my sweet man's birthday at a special lunch place he requested - VooDoo Dog. We shared the Bleu Moon Burger, and it was sooo good. Giant burger with bacon and their homemade Bleu cheese - delicious.

3. FroYo for two is always a great idea. Especially getting watermelon flavor and loading it up with more fruit like mango, kiwi and strawberries.

4. Went on my first blate yesterday with my girl Angie, and she was so so sweet and brought me a little engagement present. It's a yummy smelling candle! And we all know how much I love candles :) Also, this is officially the first thing I get to cross off my 30 Before 30 list!! Hooray!

5. This is the delicious salad we actually both got on our blate yesterday - the Black & Bleu salad - from 101 Restaurant. And it was amazing. I'm obsessed with Bleu cheese crumbles, as well as asparagus, so this baby was perfect.

The only thing about this week that wasn't so great, and I don't want a high five for, is forgetting to take a picture with Angie on our blate. I took pictures of my food and the present and my walk to the restaurant, but not with her! What was I thinking? Apparently we were both bad bloggers in that sense. Ugh. But we've already started talking about getting together again, so we'll definitely make sure it happens next time!

Tonight Jeff and I are going on a bike ride, and riding to dinner and the mall for a little bit of shopping/errands, and then relaxing at his house. Tomorrow we are going on special adventure for his birthday to the Monticello Karting Track! It's like really awesome go-karts for grown-ups, that go super fast. He's done it before and says it awesome, so he's getting a small group together to go tomorrow, and I'm pretty pumped! Should be lots of fun! We're just hoping the rain holds out until after we're done. Or else we probably can't do it in the rain :(  Then tomorrow night we're going over to my friend Lacey's house to make our special Popeye's Pizza, and hang out with either a movie or a game night.

Sunday is Mother's Day and family lunch and family time and hopefully shopping for a couple dresses I need for next week (bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner). Also, next Saturday is my sister's wedding (in case you somehow missed that after I've mentioned it so much lately!), so I'm lining up a couple of posts to publish Wednesday-Saturday even while I'm busy doing all sorts of MOH duties and things. So if I don't respond to your emails and comments right away, just give it time and I will eventually :)

So there ya go. There's some good things from this past week, and the things I'm looking forward to for the weekend! I hope y'all had a good week too, and also that you have great weekends.


Angie Bean said...

Hahahah I knooooow how could we forget to take a picture?!? I guess we were too busy chatting and stuffing our faces full of blue cheese...

I hope you have a spectacular weekend and Mothers Day!!

Anonymous said...

I want some froyo sooo bad! Hope you have an awesome weekend :)

Becky said...

That froyo and salad look yummy! How sweet of Angie to bring you a present!! Have a great weekend :)

Rachel said...

Blates are always so much fun! And I never take any photos either! Too busy chatting away. ;)

That salad looks delicious! I always hate looking at blog food photos when I'm starving. Haha.

Krys @ Sunshine and Rain said...

I have not had frozen yogurt in forever! And, blue cheese. Ugh, a total downfall for me. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life.

There is a restaurant at Disneyland's California Adventure that puts a TON of blue cheese on their burger. It is to die for. I would fly the 3000 miles to California JUST for that burger. lol.