Monday, March 19, 2012

President Snow Would Not Approve

The Hunger Games may be a teen-fiction book - but let me tell you something - teens are not the only ones who are interested in this series. And I for one, am a big fan. Not a "huge" fan, as I will not be one of the crazy people going to the midnight premiere on Thursday night, but I do plan on seeing it at some point soon after.

In the mean time however, I'm sporting my Mockingjay pin as an essential accessory every day this week. I saw a couple of other girls with them, and really liked it. I fell prey to the hype and ordered one myself, and I love it. I will wear it every day in honor of the upcoming release later this week. And probably for a little longer than just this week. :)

President Snow would not approve of such support, I'm sure of it.

Wore it on my beach dress yesterday. 
Wearing it at work right now.

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