Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partitions Will Be Needed

Sadly, I have to move away from my beloved little cute cubby at work. I'm not moving very far away - just down the hall - but I will no longer have my cute little private space all to myself. I am going to be moving closer to the lady who I work for as her assistant though, so that part will be good.

My current cubby. Pics taken last fall - hence the pumpkins! Things look even a bit cuter now actually!

That bad news however is that I'm moving out into an open space, which is currently being used by a receptionist-type position. That part of our area is a lot bigger, and so there are more people, and it's a much higher traffic spot than my current cubby, that hardly ever gets passed by or disturbed by random people. So now there will be so many distractions!

Luckily though - I've been told that we have some partitions around here somewhere, and that I can probably have them. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can actually find them, and that it all works out. Other wise, I can see myself being driven crazy by the change of people, and scenery and environment outside of my cubby. I will miss it down here, but working closer to my supervisor will make being her assistant a bit easier - at least I hope so!

So next Thursday, the 29th, is our scheduled move day. This will be my 4th office here in our new building! (and hopefully the last...) I'm really hoping we can find those partitions by then, so I can surround my desk and bookshelf in order to seclude myself from all the busyness of my new section!

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