Thursday, March 22, 2012

Perfect Spots

These are the places that make me the happiest (in no particular order). They are a combination of peaceful, relaxing, energizing, fun, loving or hilarious. All of them make me feel a little bit, and sometimes a lot better, about my life and myself and I need them all for different reasons. 

1. St. Augustine
2. Panera Bread
3. Movie Theater
4. New York City
5. Books-A-Million
6. Cuddling on a couch
7. Cabin in the Mountains with Family
8. Kaley's farmhouse or lake house with all of our friends
9. The Beach (I'm not super particular, I like most all of them)
10. Driving in my car with windows down, music blaring, singing at the top of my lungs

Took this on my graduation trip to NYC in May 2010! (With my Mama, Sister and Aunt.)

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