Monday, March 12, 2012

Places I Want to Visit

My extremely simple sketch of Italy -
made cheesier by adding the colors of their flag...


1. SWITZERLAND. I want to go to Switzerland because that's where my ancestors are supposed to have been from. I would love to see some of the beautiful countryside, and imagine what life might have been like a few hundred years ago for my very distant relatives.

2. GREECE. Greece - duh - who wouldn't want to travel there? It's beautiful, and the cities and homes and architecture is so different than what we're used to here in the states. And Greek food is very yummy.

3. ITALY. Pasta is my favorite food. (We should all know that by now though right?!) And what better place to sample the best pasta, but in Italy? It's also a beautiful country, with an old history, that I would love to learn about and experience.

4. IRELAND. I'm sure most of us have all seen "P.S. I Love You," right? It's set in an incredibly gorgeous country - Ireland. Also, my boyfriend's ancestors are from Ireland, so I'm sure one day he would love to go check out his roots as well. (He's even got the red-ish hair and tons of cute freckles to prove it.) 

5. TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. Really, there are tons of islands and tropical locations that I would be perfectly happy with visiting. I just picked some beautiful ones that aren't too far from home. The Turks & Caicos Islands are absolutely stunning, and I could only dream to spend a couple of weeks basking in the sunshine, swimming in the crystal blue waters.

In addition to the places listed above, some of the other locations I would like to visit include (but are not limited to): Paris, California, Brazil, Fiji, South Africa, Germany, India, Alaska, Hawaii, New York City (for yet another time) and I'm sure there are more I've forgotten.

There are many places all over the world that I've dreamed of one day visiting, or drooled over the sheer beauty of  in pictures. I know that I probably won't ever be able to actually see them all, but a girl needs to dream of pretty things and beautiful places.

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