Monday, March 26, 2012

Pool Season

 Here in Florida, Spring just barely peeks out at us, then very speedily sprints away to other, more welcoming parts of the country. Spring officially began on March 20, but I'm pretty sure we've already moved past that. We're well on our way to full-blown summertime at this point. It's currently 82 degrees right now, with a high of 84. Tomorrow's high is 86. Get what I mean about our Sprinting Springtime? Outta here in a flash.

But with the warmer hot weather, also comes some of my favorite things: beach trips, tan skin, super long days, BBQ's, watermelon, fun youth activities, fireworks, and pool season. Laying out by the pool is one of my favorite things in the summer. I grab a magazine, some tunes, a giant glass of ice water and some sunglasses - and I'm all set. We have a pool in our back yard, and I absolutely LOVE it. For real.

As fun as laying out is though - I actually really, really enjoying she swimming part of it as well. Even better than the laying part in fact. I can stay in a pool for hours and hours and hours on end, only getting out occasionally to change the music or take a quick potty break. I then come out all pruny and wrinkly, and it's the best.

Right now unfortunately, our pool is in absolutely no condition to swim in. Our philosophy is to not really do much in the winter for upkeep, but instead just go chlorine/cleaning/crazy once the weather changes. And so now's the time to commence on this state of pool preparing frenzy. This afternoon when I get home from work, I'm hoping to start the process.

Today will only be a few quick, easy steps but will get us started in the right direction: 1. Take off the net over the top (that catches almost all the leaves),  2. Begin cleaning/sweeping/clearing up the deck a little and 3. Removing some of the leaves from the water that found a way to squeeze through the net. Easy enough for one quick work day. It will take about 3 weeks total for the process to get it totally swim-able again (which seems like forever now that I'm ready), but at least by then the water should be getting nice and warmed up!

Oh, and at least by then I may have lost a few more pounds, and my body will also be more prepared for pool season... I did find out last week that I have re-lost 5 pounds over the last month. And I was excited - I knew I had been trying, but hadn't weighed myself since mid-February. It was a very nice surprise! There will be more on my weight-loss journey though in another post...this one is already very long... ;)

Love to you all. Happy Summertime!

Aaaandddd there may be a few too many pictures, but I had a hard time deciding which ones to delete. So enjoy some photos from last summer's pool season! :)

We always like silly pictures - even underwater. :)
I love my little Seester! :)
3rd grade Sunday School party. (Parents & Meg teach this class.)
Lily likes swimming too!
Squirt doesn't like the pool, but sometimes we force it.

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