Friday, April 13, 2012

Portraits Circa 2007

Yesterday's post was all about things from many, many years ago from my childhood. Today, we're still taking a walk down memory lane, but I thought I'd fast forward to the college years. So instead of memories from when I was 5 years old, here are some from just 5 years ago...

5 years ago I...

:: turned 19 a few months ago (and goodness that sounds so young now!) ::

Emily and I at my 19th birthday dinner, at Mango Mango's! Jan 2007.

:: was approximately one week away from the end of my first semester at Flagler ::

Picture borrowed from Google Images.

:: had lived away from home, in a dorm for 4 months, and loved it! ::

My bunk, the very day I first moved in! :) January 2007.

:: drove my dad's car back after Easter, since mine was having serious problems ::

This is the day we traded this car, for my Jeep Liberty. Summer 2007.

:: made it through my first experience with roomies (some good times, some not...) ::

Me, Linnea and Emily - first ever roommates. February 2007.

:: was making friendships that would last a lifetime! ::
(sorry to those in these pics - I know they're not the best ones of us ever, 
but they're at least the best from that time period...)

Mine and Nicole's first weekend at Flagler. January 2007.

Emily and I the last weekend of the semester. April 2007.

Nicole and I on game night! Feb 2007.

College was a fun time, and sometimes I miss it terribly and really wish I could go back. But then I remember all the homework and group projects and reading endless pages of text books and paper writing, and then I remember I have a lovely degree from that beautiful school. So I've decided to keep the degree, rather than doing it all over again... :)

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Nicole McKenzie said...

What a great post! I may do the same thing! Can you believe that was over 5 years ago?!?!