Friday, April 27, 2012

Pink, Blue & Polka Dot Bookmarks

Since I'm at home recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery, I had some time on my hands, but had to keep my productivity at a low, easy-going level. So, I made some super simple, super cute bookmarks for myself and some of my family members.

Scrapbook paper scraps
Glue stick
White paper
Laminating machine (or simply some clear masking tape if you're not as fancy as me to have a machine...)

Cut up some little shapes (mine are all basically triangles, squares or weird rectangle things), and then glue them on in a mosaic-fashion to a bookmark sized piece of white paper. Flip it over and do the reverse side. I'm lucky enough to have been given a tiny little laminating machine a while back, so I then stuck the bookmarks into the little plastic pockets, and fed it through the machine. (I also made two bookmarks per plastic pocket, then cute them apart, and fed them through again separate to reseal that open edge.)

Done and Done! So fast. So easy. So cute. And free since I didn't have to buy any new materials!

L to R: mine, mine, Jeff's, Papa's, Megan's & Mama's. (I already gave my Grandparents' to them before the pic.)

I made eight bookmarks total - one for each of my Grandparents, one for each of my parents, one for Megan, one for Jeff, and two for me. :) And this is one of my spring cleaning to-do items, so that's another thing I get to check off! Real cute, and it took about half an hour for this cute and simple project! My kind of craft :)

This week was crazy busy and rough with the oral surgery, and so I've missed blogging regularly. But I plan on coming back full-force next week once I'm better! Because I really like writing, and from what I can tell, some of yall like reading what I write :)

Oh, and based on the amount of page views that my weight loss and diet posts get, I'm planning on sharing a lot more of that journey, and being completely open and honest about my weight and my journey and everything that comes along with that! So, get ready for more of those kinds of posts in the future.

Love to everyone! :)