Friday, April 20, 2012

Pants Are Fitting Looser

Alright, well it seems that I may have had my lack-of-weight-loss-breakdown on Monday and Tuesday unnecessarily. Everyone kept mentioning stuff about the scale I used and the time of day I weighed, and blah blah blah. I knew those things mattered - but I just didn't realize that apparently it mattered that much.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy myself my very own scale. (Why I never bothered to buy one before I have no idea...? Previously, I would just weigh whenever I found a scale somewhere - Jeff's house, Kaley's farm house, Publix, wherever and whenever. Apparently this is a major no-no.) Well before I bought it, I stepped on the tester scale to check. I was 2 pounds lighter yesterday at lunch than I was on Monday...I was relieved to see at least a slightly smaller number. So I bought the scale and went about my day.

Right after zumba, I went home to shower and so I busted out my new scale right before stepping in the shower. I was 7 pounds lighter than Monday!! At first I was worried that I had a funky scale, so I made my mom come in to weigh herself to test the accuracy. She said it was right on, but I still wasn't completely convinced. So when Cally got here last night (she stayed with me while passing through on her way to Biloxi!), I made her weigh to test it too. And she said it was her correct weight as well!

Since I know you're supposed to weigh in the morning, I tried not to get too prematurely excited last night about the 7 pounds, since I was coming straight from zumba where I had just sweated out a ton of water. I figured my "actual" weight would be a little different, and planned to weigh when I woke up this morning. And you know what, I was still 6 pounds lighter than Monday! So I'm going with my total weight loss during the no-carb phase was actually 6 pounds. I'm assuming the following things could have been issues with Monday's weigh-in: time of day I weighed, amount of salty meals eaten that were causing my body to retain too much water, the 4 or 5 glasses of water I drank during the day, etc...

All of this to say, I may have freaked out unnecessarily on Monday. Apparently I did lose weight, and just chose to weigh myself at the wrong time. I can assure you I won't be doing that again. And also, my jeans really are fitting looser. I noticed this last Friday as well, and so that's one of the reason's I was so confused by Monday's weigh-in. Today at work, my jeans are still pretty baggy, and I can look at myself in the mirror and notice that I'm getting thinner. And that makes me ecstatic. Again - I'm not trying to wither myself away to a tiny twig (mainly because I know that will never ever happen), but I am trying to slim down a little bit, and more importantly make my body healthier.

Not the best pic, but it's just to show progress from before, and to compare later.

My journey is nowhere close to complete yet, but I'm still super excited that it has in fact begun again, rather than remaining stagnant despite my efforts. Now that I've gotten the weight-loss ball rolling again, I have more motivation to make healthier choices with my diet and exercise. I've already exercised 3 times this week, and am planning #4 for the weekend. (And that's a LOT for this girl.)

Thank you again to everyone who has encouraged and supported me this week while I was so down and discouraged. But also thank you to those who have been a part of this for the last two years! To recap - as of today, I'm 27 pounds lighter than the day I graduated college April 2010. It's not the lowest I've even been, nor the lowest I will be. But I'm proud to say I'm at least making progress!!

Love to everyone :)


Jen@runfortheboys said...

Told ya!!! Woohoooo! You rock, girl :) chin up!!!!

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you look so great! keep up the hard work!