Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Past Favorites (Blog Post #100!!)


And I'm super pumped about it! I don't think it takes most bloggers a little over a year and a half to reach this point, but I took a long hiatus for about 5 months, and before then I just wasn't very consistent. Whatever - doesn't really matter. Because what does matter is I've finally made it! 100 posts seems like a lot. And I guess it really is! And so to celebrate, I'll be posting links to some of my favorite posts out of the past 99. (Starting with the earliest, and moving to the most recent.)

1. Princess & The Passenger - Rascal Flatts concert date with my best friend Jenni!
2. Pizza Scarves - weekend with friends in Pensacola for Nicole's wedding!
3. Pounds Are GONE! - after I reached my goal weight last March
4. Procrastination Trumps Productivity - fun and relaxing summer weekend
5. Packed Schedule - crazy busy summer week - youth events, beach days, family nights & more...
6. (months of) Preparation Pays Off - DNow 2012! (youth retreat)
7. Produced by Jeff Pullen - cute little trailer Jeff made of our Jacksonville day trip :)
8. Picture Every Hour - just what it says, from our Jacksonville day trip
9. Pet Peeves, and more - an about me list done using the ABC's
10. Puppy Love - gushing about the cutest puppy I know...
11. President Snow Would Not Approve - I wore my Mockingjay pin every day for about two weeks!
12. Play Time Needs to Hurry - not-so-patiently awaiting our girls' weekend at the farm!
13. Pool Season - I'm glad spring summer is here in Florida, and it's almost time for swimming!
14. Project: Easter Garden - craft time with my family, making an empty tomb project for Easter
15. Perpect Weekend - the most awesomest weekend with my bestest girlfriends!

Princess & The Passenger. Me and Jenni at the Rascal Flatts concert in Tampa. September 2010.

Pizza Scarves. Our group of friend's at Nicole's wedding. December 2010.

Procrastination Trumps Productivity. Me and Jeff - St. George Island. August 2011.

Pool Season. Megan and I playing in the pool, with my awesome underwater camera! Summer 2011.

Perpect Weekend. Some of my bestest friends in the world, during girls' weekend. April 2012.


Nicole McKenzie said...

Yayy! Congratulations on 100 posts! So exciting!!!

Jennifer M. said...

so awesome! :)