Monday, April 9, 2012

Peaceful Easter

Yesterday was quite a lovely Easter Sunday. My family and I all got coffee from Dunkin Donuts on our way to church, then spent a couple lovely hours in Sunday school and then "big church." Every Easter, our church family always brings fresh flowers to decorate the cross on our front lawn, and it always looks so beautiful!

And with the pretty flowers, everyone always takes beautiful family photos.
The church service was really nice, with good music and songs, and good preaching. I'm just always amazed (and marvel at God's awesomeness) that the weather is always incredibly beautiful on Easter Sunday. I'm quite sure He does that on purpose, and I think it's a great idea. It's hard to deny how amazing He is when you look around at the gorgeous earth He's created for us to live on. I mean really - it's quite stunning.

After church we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a big Easter feast. There was ham, brown rice, white acre peas, green beans, potato salad, a relish plate, strawberry jello salad and rolls. And then of course lemon bars and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I was a good girl though, and stuck to my carb-free diet eating mostly ham and veggies, along with some pickles and okra. Although the other things looked absolutely delicious!

And you know what happened after lunch time? An Easter egg hunt - even though the youngest "child" is 20 years old. And we loved it. Then the "kids" hid the eggs and made our parents find them. And they had a good time doing it as well! And one more round of hunting for the kids finished everything up this year. I think we'll probably continue doing this until we have children of our own, and then traditions will probably change. Until then though, these 20-something grandchildren will continue to hunt eggs each year. :)

We came inside to cool down, and then Meg and I had a silly self-photo-shoot. We did the same thing last Easter, and those are some of my favorite pictures of us ever. So we repeated the fun times again this year, and again we had some outstanding results. :)

After all was done at their house, my little "4-Fam" headed back home for an afternoon of editing pictures, movie rest time, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen a little bit and relaxing. Jeff and Bo were both able to come over for a while at night to eat and hang out with us too. We all watched "Amazing Race" together, then Jeff and I curled up together to read our books. (By the way, he's almost completely done wit the entire Hunger Games series, and he's loved it so far! I'm so proud.)

Also, the Easter Bunny visited my house and left prizes for Meg and I. I however will be waiting until next week to eat them, once I complete the 2 weeks of my carb-free diet. Then I will have some yummy chocolates and candies!

Holidays spent with my family are always lovely and fun and relaxing, wonderful and peaceful. I love spending time with them, and we always have a good time. So thankful I've been blessed with such great people in my life! I hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter Sunday just as much as we did! :)

Me and Megan and Mama! :)

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