Friday, April 6, 2012

Perfume & Other Collections

I have little collections of the following happy things:

PENGUINS. Duh. They are just the cutest little things! For a long time I couldn't figure out where my obsession came from with these furry little waddlers, but recently I've been able to pin-point it. I believe it started from that old chipmunk movie when they go on a balloon race competing against the Chipettes - "The Chipmunk Adventure." Well, the girls end up finding a baby penguin somehow and take care of it for a while. I loved this movie when I was real little, and I think this is what started my penguin obsession. I haven't watched it in forever, and I've really been wanting to watch it for the past year or so. However, I can't find it anywhere, and not even Netflix has it on DVD or streaming. So instead, I'm thinking it's time to order it on Amazon real soon. :)

EARRINGS. Oh man do I love me some earrings. I have this tree in my bathroom, I have another big earring holder in my bedroom, and then a ribbon nailed across the top of my bookshelf where I can dangle even more. I'm just recently getting into other accessories (rings & bracelets), but I've got the earring department covered. And I'm sure I will never have "too many." In fact, I haven't gotten new ones in a while, so that might be happening this weekend. I mean - I'll need new earrings to match my new Easter dress, right?!

COFFEE MUGS. This isn't a collection that I've really been working on very much, but it's one I want to grow a lot more. When I grow up, I don't want a set of typical, matchy-matchy coffee mugs. Instead, I want a ton of them that I've found and collected and been given over the years. I much prefer that over having 20 mugs that all look the same. I think that would be so much cuter, and I like that eclectic look.

RESTAURANT MENUS. I have been collecting these since about my sophomore year in high school. One of my friends started it, and then I joined her for a while. Then, I just kept on doing it on my own, and now I must have over a hundred or so of these! Sometimes I ask the restaurant for them, sometimes we just sneak them out. :) It's fun and exciting, and I like having little memories from random times of my life. I have menus from Colorado, New York, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, all over Florida and everywhere in between. And I have accomplices as well - sometimes my parents do it for my when they go on trips too! Unfortunately I wasn't able to pull out my entire collection for the photo. I was taking the photos around 11 pm, and I didn't feel like digging the giant box out of my closet. So these are the ones that haven't made it to the box yet. (Maybe when I clean out my closet, I'll take a few more pics of the whole collection.)

PERFUME. It just smells so lovely, and I can never pick just one that I like the best. I know a lot of guys and girls that can pick one smell and stick with it forever. I am just NOT one of those people. There are too many yummy smelling perfumes out there to use only one. :) Right now I have about 23 perfumes, and 4 or 5 body sprays. And I usually wear a different one every day. I definitely do have my favorites though - like Versace "Bright Crystal" and Dolce & Gababban "Light Blue." Luckily, both of those were Christmas gifts from my Grandparents, otherwise I probably couldn't afford to buy those for myself! Another favorite is "NYC" by SJP. (Sarah Jessica Parker) It smells absolutely amazing - so of course I like it for that reason - and the bottle is real cute. (It's the one in the back left of the top photo with the different panels.) But I also like it because of the memory that comes with it. Megan and I bought it together in the giant Macy's on our NYC trip, and smelling it always reminds me of buying it with her, and of our trip together!

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Nicole McKenzie said...

I never wear perfume but I love that you collect it! I'm like Jenni....the smellier the better :) Haha