Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Projects for the Wedding

As of yesterday, we're exactly two months and two weeks away from our wedding day! Holy crap. I just about had a little panic attack there - because we still have soooo much left to do! For serious. I'm trying to stay on the ball with things, but it's just a lot. Right now, we're focusing on figuring out the flowers. I'm going to use the same florist my sister did for her wedding (so that part was easy), but I just don't know exactly what I want! We're setting up a meeting with her one day next week for me and my Mama to go talk with her, and hopefully we can get that settled and move on from there. Here's just one of the many options I think would make a great bouquet:

Purple Wedding Flowers from rusticweddingchic.com
Found via Pinterest
And we have a few craft project ideas in the works, but we really haven't started on any of them. Some are small and can be completed rather quickly (like the mason jars wrapped in book pages I showed yesterday), but others are a bit more time consuming and tricky, and will definitely take much more work. One of those kinds of projects will be to make a good amount of these pom-pom tissue paper puffs. I've made them before, but it's been a few years, and now I don't exactly remember how. The picture I have pinned to my wedding board is a false link and doesn't lead to any instructions, so I just need to do some Google-ing to find how to do this:

Found via Pinterest
And I don't want to give away all of our little craft ideas and projects yet, but here's a quick list of a few other things we still want to do:

-- Decorate boxes for favors
-- Make flags for straws
-- Find/create chalkboards
-- Pictures lining the walkway
-- Book page crafts
-- Fix up my old bicycle
-- Create boxes for our ring-bearers
-- Make groom & groomsmen's boutonnieres

See? Quite a few craft projects to tackle all with about two months left. And like I said, some will be quick and easy, but others are definitely going to be a bit tedious. Looks like we need to get ourselves moving, big time huh?! In addition to these craft projects, there are still plenty of other very important wedding planning items that need to get done as well...

-- Begin our pre-marital counseling
-- Talk with venue about food
-- Get invitations created, printed and sent out (ASAP!)
-- Find my shoes and accessories
-- Finalize groom and groomsmen outfits
-- Figure out plan for ceremony
-- Make honeymoon reservations
-- Buy Jeff's wedding band
-- Get alterations done on my dress

All-in-all, I don't feel tooo stressed about everything yet, but I know I will if I don't start making some serious headway on both of those lists up there. The boys are here again until August 10th, but this time, I'm not taking the whole three weeks off from wedding planning - otherwise, that would be some serious time wasted! I'm hoping to be able to at least cross off a few of those wedding-planning items in the next few weeks, and maybe one of the minor craft projects as well. Here's hoping I can keep myself determined and focused on all my tasks!

And I am still planning on sharing our amazing engagement photos, but I think those will come on Thursday. For now though, I'll share just one for the road to hopefully pique your interest to come check them all out in a couple days! :)

Taken by Phil Pullen Photography
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Brianne said...

Good luck with all of your projects!

Anonymous said...

You and I need to catch up!!!!