Thursday, July 18, 2013

Piano Guys, Pentatonix & Other Cool Stuffs

Well my fiance has always loved watching all sorts of random videos on YouTube, but I've just never really been quite as into it as he is. He has watched probably thousands and thousands of videos over the last five or so years, where I've probably only watched a couple hundred, max. But there definitely are some videos that are just way too awesome not to share.

So today, I'm doing Things I love Thursday, with a special theme of really cool musical stuffs. There are only six videos below, so I say if you have time, you should definitely watch every single one of them. It's for me to even pick a favorite, because they're just all so awesome!

And if this last video by Kina Grannis is one of the ones you watched, you should also checking out the making of this video as  well, because it's very impressive. I mean, that's a lot of jelly beans people.

Do y'all like just sitting around watching YouTube videos? That's what we did last night for about an hour or so, and it was actually really fun. We hopped and skipped around to all sorts of stuff, just having a good time and singing along to lots of videos. And we found some cool new stuff, so it was a fun time!

What are some of your favorite YouTube videos you think are worth me checking out? I'm already craving another video-watching-session, so that might be happening again by tonight, so let me know some good ones!

Much Love,

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Miranda said...

Behind on reading this...but I LOVE Pentatonix!