Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup Shake: Weigh-In Day

Good morning friends and bloggers! Again, I'm immediately drawn back to remembering that silly commercial with the camel who's so dang excited it's hump day - and I guess I'm pretty excited myself actually! We've gotten two days down so far this week, and by lunch time today, we'll be on the downhill slide towards the weekend. And who doesn't love the weekend?! And since it's hump day, that means let's talk about my lady lumps... that was too weird, wasn't it...?

Highest starting weight = 227
January starting weight = 217
Last week, July 10 = 184.2
Today, July 17 = 182.2

Hooray! I'm very happy to report that I was not only able to shed all my weight gain from last week (the result of too much food and fun over a long holiday weekend...), but I am just slightly below where I was from two weeks ago, at 182.8. I was able to lose all my holiday weight, plus a tiny bit more, and now I'm honestly feeling really good about myself :)

I've been killin' my workouts the past couple of weeks, and I think I can actually feel my endurance increasing as I run more and more. As of this morning, I've now completed week 2, day 2 of my 5K training plan.(Although I didn't run quite enough this morning because I slept in too late, so I cut my run a bit short.) Last week, I worked out five days in a row, Monday-Friday. That's probably the first time I've ever done that. And most of those days, I burned an insane amount of calories because I was playing games with kids all night while leading games and rec for VBS with Jeff's church. So let's start with where we left off last week...

Wednesday: 1.52-mile run early in the morning before work (262 calories) 
Thursday: 1-mile run, 1 hour of zumba & lots of VBS games (1224 calories)
Friday: 1.53-mile run in the morning, & 1.16-mile run after work, & lots of VBS games (1018 calories)
Monday: 1.94-mile run in the morning, & 40-minute lunchtime walk with my aunt (665 calories)
Tuesday: .5-mile run & 1 hour of zumba (837 calories)
Wednesday: 1.05-mile run (204 calories)

See? I've bee killin' the workouts this past week! Hallelujer. And I've been eating pretty healthy too. Doing my ViSalus shakes for breakfast and lunch, eating apples and reduced-fat cheese sticks for my snacks, and making healthy choices for dinner. Go me! I'm pumped with my progress these past few weeks, and I feel like I'm in a very good place to keep up the hard work. Before I end this though today, I want to share my measurements again, because it's been quite a while since I've done that.

Peanut-Butter-Cup ViSalus shake. Soooo yummy, and only like 255 calories!

January                             April 24                       July 17
Shoulders - 43.5                 Shoulders - 39.5            Shoulders - 39
Chest (Boobs) - 45           Chest (Boobs) - 42.5     Chest (Boobs) - 42
Upper Arm - 16.5          Upper Arm - 15          Upper Arm - 14
Hips - 52                         Hips - 46.5                    Hips - 45
Upper Waist/Ribs - 40       Upper Waist/Ribs - 36      Upper Waist/Ribs - 35.5
Upper Thigh - 28               Upper Thigh - 24.5          Upper Thigh - 24.25
Neck - 15                          Neck - 14                     Neck - 14
Calf - 17.5                     Calf - 17.5                     Calf - 17.5
Around Chin/Head - 25      Around Chin/Head - 22.5     Around Chin/Head - 22.5

So, I don't have time right now to do all the math and see how many inches I've lost, but you can obviously tell that there are some huge differences in some of those areas! Like hello?! Hips, 7 inches! Ribs, 5 inches! Thighs, almost 4 inches! I mean I know I'm not yet where I'm supposed to be, or where I want to be - but I'm CERTAINLY making huge progress, even if it's taking me forever to get there. I'm just focusing on One Pound at a Time!

Much love to y'all,


Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Seriously, you are looking hot! I need you to move to Durham and kick my butt in gear!!

Also, where can I find these shakes? I'm intrigued and need something satisfying that is healthy.

Kay said...

so inspiring! I love that you measure yourself too! So many people don't and they loose a lot of the motivation that loosing inches can give you! I just started a second blog GETTING FIT WITH IT and I'd love if you checked it out. I am always looking for people who are on my same journey to build a friendship and support each other.
Keep up the good work!
xoxox- Kay
California DIY Diva

Sonya said...

you are doing a great job and are looking fantastic!

RitaMarie said...

Wow to your calories burned!!!! That's awesome!

Carolyn said...

Good job woman-- that's awesome!! You've definitely been killin' it on the workouts!

Erin LFF said...

Keep it up lady!! I'm really trying to kick it in gear this week with working out! Thanks for all the motivation, as always! :)

Heather @ PrettyStrongMedicine said...

Gotta tell ya - you inspire me. You are killing your workouts and seeing the inches you've lost just makes me want to keep going. Woo keep it up!