Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Progress - One Pound at a Time

It's been pretty rainy, sticky and gross here in Florida for the past few days, and I for one am done with it. Especially since tomorrow is the 4th of July, and anything but bright, beautiful sunshine is just unacceptable for holiday festivities. So I'm going to need the rain clouds to empty themselves quickly and then move on outta here, so tomorrow can be spent soaking up the sun, and sporting as much red, white and blue as possible - not including my blue and white umbrella...

But for today, let's have a little chat about my weight loss progress, mmmkay?

Highest starting weight = 227
January starting weight = 217
Last week, June 26 = 184.2
Today, July 3 = 182.8

And with today's weigh-in, that's another 1.4 pound loss. Y'all remember how I'm trying to lose four pounds, for four months, in order to reach 170 by the wedding? Well with today's weigh-in, that means I successfully lost four pounds in June for month one! And that also means I'm well on my way to losing four more in July, and reaching my goal of 179 by July 31st. Totally gonna make it - I can feel it.

Really, I've been kinda lazy for the past week, and hardly exercised at all. So that just goes to show how much my eating habits can definitely have a huge impact on this whole losing weight extravaganza. I mean, I actually only worked out once in the past week, so it's not like I burned a ton of calories in order to lose that weight. Last Wednesday after work I ran two miles, and burned 450 calories. But that's it y'all, that's the only time I've exercised in a week.

I know I used this already last week, but it's all I've got since I only exercised once, OK?!

A big difference though this weekend however, was that I didn't go buck wild and eat whatever the heck I wanted to. Sure, I definitely had some "unhealthy" things, but for the most part, I stuck to my ViSalus shakes for breakfast and lunch, and just made a few healthier decisions at dinner time. And I think that's also a pretty great example of how well the shakes are working for me! One workout a week, lots of Vi-Shakes, and healthy foods - and I managed a 1.4 loss. Sounds great to me!

I'm still working on #OperationNoMoreJiggle, and next week I plan to get back into my routine again like normal. I'll be back to zumba and running, and some random bike rides and stuff thrown in there as well. Oh, and I'm also officially going to start training for my very first 5K, which is coming up in September. I'll be using Hal Higdon's novice plan for beginners, and my plan is to get up and run in the morning before getting ready for work. So we'll see how that goes... 

And I'd still love for you to use this fun hashtag with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I want us to encourage and motivate each other, and of course just show off each and every workout we complete cuz y'all know that's what I do. Anyways, hashtag any workouts or healthy food, or anything you please that might motivate us to work on getting rid of that jiggle we all hate!
So what are y'all doing to improve your health and fitness? Are you also on this crazy weight loss journey as well? I always love finding new friends that are also working on stuff like this, in order to motivate and inspire us both! So come find me on MyFitnessPalRunKeeper and Instagram to keep up with all this, and we can be friends :)

Overall, and despite of my laziness this past week, things are still going great on this weight loss journey. It's still never easy (and sometimes it feels like it's never ending), but I know it's not only necessary, but it's also worth it. In the end, I'll be so much more healthy, and that's what's really important anyways! So I'm still pushing forward and making progress, one pound at a time.


Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

Way to go girl!! That is huge! You are going to look SO great in your wedding dress! What 5K are you doing? I ran/walked about 3.1 miles last night so I think I'm going to sign up for one! We should meet in Atlanta and do one together!

Miranda said...

Wow, awesome! You are kicking some serious butt!

I'm with you on this weather. It needs to take a hike!

Kristin J said...

That is awesome! You will be at your goal weight in no time!

katie@thecarbmonster said...

Wooooo! Awesome week :D

Rachel said...

I really should create a MyFitnessPal account!

I'm glad you're reaching all of your goals! :)

Ash Z said...

You are a machine! You are doing so well with your weight loss and I know you will reach your goal :)

Brenna Boyd said...

So awesome! I am also trying to improve my health through weight loss so I am totally with you on the nomorejiggle!

Torrie said...

I used My Fitness Pal for awhile and it really worked for me---I had gained about 25 pounds when I went to serve a religious mission for 18 months, and I was only able to lose the final 10 pounds by tracking everything I ate (and going down to 1200 calories a day) and exercising about 4-5 times a week for an hour or two. Because I was so intense about it, I was able to lose the last 10 pounds in a little over a month, and now I'm mostly just in the maintenance phase.

Good for you for taking control of your health! I know it was super hard for me, but it will totally be worth it, and you look great!