Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Process of Getting Healthy

OK. Florida is cold again today. And I'm more than over it folks. It's almost April and it's currently in the 30's! Not OK with me. Let's warm it on up, shall we please?! Despite the cold though, I'm feeling in a pretty good mood today, and that's probably due to my teeny tiny weight loss I get to report this week :) So let's get going and link up with Erin and Alex, for Weigh In Wednesday like usual!

Initial Starting Weight = 227
January Starting Weight = 217
Last Week, March 20 = 194.5
Today, March 27 = 194

Just a half a pound loss this week. But again, I'm not sad or disappointed that it's "only half a pound," because I plan on never seeing those five ounces again. I've said sayonara (thanks for the red squiggly line on that one!) to them, and they're gone for good. And I'm slowly still getting closer and closer to my lowest recent weight of 192 (August 2011), and I'm sure I'll be passing that in no time. 

My workouts this last week were pretty awesome, and I was proud of myself for keeping up with my routine. Also, I set a goal for myself last Wednesday to burn 3,000 between then and now, so let's see if I did! (Because I haven't even figured it out on my own yet before I'm just gonna list this all out...)

Wednesday: 2-mile run at the track and circuit stuff at home (505 calories)
Thursday: 1-mile run and 60 minutes of Zumba (715 calories)
Friday: 2-mile run around FSU campus (340 calories)
Saturday: 1.54-mile run with my dad around the track (206 calories)
Sunday: rest day
Monday: 2.7-mile walk during my lunch break with my aunt (338 calories)
Tuesday: 1-mile run and 60 minutes of Zumba (755 calories)

That's a total of 2,859 calories burned for the past week. Sadly, I didn't reach my goal of 3,000, but I was only off by 141, so I'd say that's pretty dang close! I'm not going to set that goal again for myself this week though, because I already know I won't be able to run or workout on Friday and probably Saturday, because Jeff and I are traveling to pick his boys for them to spend their spring break down here with us! So that's super exciting, but it limits workout time. But that's just fine :) I'll reset that goal for myself another time. This week's goal is just going to be 2,000.

And for my non-scale victory of the week, I once again beat my fastest mile! This happened last Wednesday on the first mile of my two-mile run, and I was so excited. That's six seconds faster than my previous time of 13:04 from two weeks ago. And I kept on running fast and pushing harder, and I ended up running my fastest two-miles yet as well, at 27:02!!

The problem though is, even though I did pretty great with my workouts, I did not eat so good for a few days... Thursday night I had pasta and bread, Friday night I ate a burger and chips, Saturday night I ate wings, (and my tummy paid for it later...), and Sunday night I ate too much chips and dip. The problem is, food is my weakness people. I can make myself workout and burn all sorts of calories, but it does me no good if I decide to eat buffalo wings with Bleu cheese for dinner on Saturday night. I've been learning that the hard way, and somehow I've got to get that through my head. If I truly want to lose weight, I can't just give in to food temptations nearly as often as I do. I need to learn more self control when it comes to my food choices and eating habits. Who knows what the scale might say by now if I had learned this lesson already?!

I'm not giving up though. I'm still pushing on and working hard, and trying to learn how to do this "healthy" thing the right way. Last Thursday night, I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" for the first time, and it was extremely interesting, and I was completely captivated by the whole thing. It makes me so much more curious about this whole juicing craze! Also last week, I tried a green smoothie for the first time, and it was actually delicious. I'll definitely have that again.

And now I also want to find more documentaries and things to watch and read to learn more. I want to collect as much information as I can about trying to be healthy! For example, I stumbled across this new-to-me blog yesterday, and found a great post she just wrote about the FDA and their "regulations." It was very interesting, and certainly makes me want to learn more.

And since my brain is all kinds of scattered today, we're jumping back to the working out portion of this post, simply because I want to share my daily workout Instagram's. Every single time I workout I take some pictures. Of my shoes, or my watch, or my face, or a cheesy mirror pic. Doesn't matter. I take them every single time. And sure, it's because I want to show off and brag a little, why not? But it's also because it helps motivate myself, and it helps motivate others. And that's an awesome feeling. Going from being a lazy slob most of the time, into someone who is inspiring other girls to run or workout?! That's a crazy feeling for me. I loooove getting comments and emails from others saying that I'm inspiring and motivating them. It's an amazing thing! And like I've said before, that in turn motivates me to work harder. And it's a great cycle of motivation for everyone. And I love it. So, #sorryImnotsorry but I'm going to keep posting these pretty much all the time. Thanks for understanding :)

Wednesday - 2-mile run and at-home circuit stuff
Thursday - 1-mile run and Zumba. And those new Old Navy compression pants make my legs look skinnier :)

Friday - 2-mile run
Tuesday - 1-mile run and Zumba.
One Pound at a Time - I'll keep on pushing. And I'll keep on trying and learning and working hard. One Pound at a Time I'll reach my goals. And One Pound at a Time I'll keep working on the Process of Getting Healthy.


Erin said...

As always- I am so proud of you :) Food is tough for me too, I just get in the habit of indulging whenever I want, and that stuff adds up. Stay strong and remember how GREAT you feel when you're eating healthy and working out... I always try to remember those belly aches I get when I eat bad- not worth it!! :)

Kristyn Monaghan said...

You are SO SO awesome! I'm so jealous of your weight loss! I'm the same way with food! Seriously, it is my weakness - especially sweets! I've found that if I plan my meals out ahead of time and pre-cook a lot of them on Sunday night, I'm more likely to eat better during the week. I hate deciding what to have and I usually make the easy and unhealthy decision to just order pizza or something. This way, I don't have to spend time trying to decide because it is already decided and sometimes even made!

But it's ok to splurge every once in a while too! I'm craving wings today (yes at 9:30 am lol) so I think I'm going to order me some for lunch :)

Sheila Cooper said...

Hi, I am a new reader and loved the post today. I am also trying to lose weight and it was good to see someone working hard like me yet facing the same struggles. Keep at look great!

Shesabigstar said...

I'm starting to sound like a broken record on your blog! Every single week I visit here I always feel the same... inspired, proud of you, motivated... you have such a great attitude and have made such great progress! Proud of you, proud of you, proud of you!!

The Nanny Jenny said...

You are doing great Halie!!! As always I just love reading your posts. I feel you with eating a lot of things we're not suppose to. 2,800 burned calories is no joke, way to go!!!!

Kadi @ Sheer Serendipity said...

You're doing amazing! You are too cute for words! and I love your nail polish :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! You're doing awesome! I'm also on a journey to getting healthy. I've lost 24.6 lbs so far. What app do you use to track how far you've walked/ran?

Becky said...

I am sure you will pass that weight in no time! That's so great you've been able to keep up your routine - I think that is so key! It's so easy to skip a day and then it turns into 2..I'm guilty of that!

BrandiH said...

A loss is a loss and your health and fitness level is improving, to me that's a successful week!

I'm trying to learn more about true healthy eating or "clean" eating as its pretty much called now.

Can't wait to see more pics on IG this week!

Amanda said...

New follower here! I loved just reading about your weight loss!! Congrats!!

Esther Davison said...

You're doing really good! Keep it up and you will have very successful results! Esther Norine Designs (I've given up on fixing the noreply thing on my blogger account. I've done it 3 times and since the third attempt didn't work, its time to give up.

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

I just got my first pair of Old Navy compression pants at the end of last week. When I tried them on my mom said they looked slimming on me. I can't wait to work out in them!

Megan said...

Soooo, just caught up on your blog again (I know I'm terrible these days at staying on it!), and I have to say that you're the cutest person ever. I love you Halie and am so proud of you!

Ash Z said...

I cannot wait to get outside again to walk!
It is freezing up here in Upstate NY.
A loss is a loss and you have done well overall. We started around the same weight and are just a couple pounds away from each other now. I love seeing success with people of the same weight!
Great job sticking with the workouts, it can be tough, but I have noticed that after a few days of doing it it almost becomes an addiction.
New follower from the Weigh In Wed!

Frances Kendrick said...

Congrats on the fastest mile!! That is fantastic!!

I agree with what you said about the few ounces you lost. There was a time I would be so discouraged, but now I am just glad to lose what I can. (Especially at my age)

To a healthier us!
@ Notions from Nonny

Megan Colwell said...

Wowza! Thanks for featuring my blog on your post. I'm excited that people want to learn more about what they're eating and how it's truly affecting them. You are so sweet, my dear :) Again, I truly appreciate the link up.

The Nautical Owl

Megan Colwell said...

By the way, you are doing awesome on your journey. It's wonderful to KNOW that you will never (can't) go back to that diet lifestyle.

I'm so proud of you! Exciting to see your progress!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

great job! love the pics, and your socks!

Jennifer said...

You are doing AWESOME!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Girl. You give me so much inspiration!!! :)

Julie Donahue said...

One pound at a time......