Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ponce Hall, Roommates & College Days - First Things First

It's another cold day down here in Florida, and they said on the radio this morning that it's actually 15-20 degrees colder this year than our usual averages for this time of year. That's not cool! Where did my glorious spring weather go? Not that I can complain too much, because half of the country just got half a foot of snow or more, including one of my lovely co-hosts... More importantly than the weather though, is another week of our First Things First link up! And this week we of course have another round of amazing co-hosts, Jess at Jess Is More and Veronica at Passion, Pink & Pearls!

First Roommate (s)
First Time Living Away from Home
First Dorm Room at College

First Roommate (s)
Well first of all, I wasn't able to go to Flagler my very first semester, because they had no room for me. It's a requirement for freshmen to live on-campus in the dorms, and they were full by the time I would have been accepted. So instead, I was accepted for the spring term in January, and I just went to community college for a semester here. So while that was happening, my future roommates had issues with the third girl in their room, and she was leaving, and they got to look through and pick out a new replacement - and they did an awesome job picking me out, because they were some fun first college roommates!

After the Christmas break, I was to move in about 4 days before the returning students, and I got there to find that Emily and Linnea had left cute notes and pictures all of the room for me :) Those first few days alone without them were hard and boring, and so when they finally got there, I was sooo dang excited!! They welcomed me with open arms, and we kicked off that first semester with a game night in our dorm room, with a group of some other girls. We had so much fun that semester together. We went to the beach, had game night every single week, had fire alarms go off three times in one night, dealt with the awful laundromat, visiting the Jax zoo, watching tons of movies on our laptops, and so many more fun memories!

First Time Living Away from Home
This goes hand-in-hand with the first question, because the first time I lived away from home was that spring semester of my freshman year, at Flagler College! Like I mentioned before, I moved in about four days before my roommates did though, and that was close to torturous. Talk about major homesickness! It was super quiet in the entire dorm, but also in my tiny room, and it was rough. But once the girls got there, the fun never seemed to stop. I met soooo many amazing girls that first semester I lived away from home, and seriously had a blast. There was just so much fun and freedom and opportunity and adventure! And I made sure I took advantage of all of that as often as I could. I mean, I was only taking 12 hours that first semester, and I didn't have a job, so I had plenty of free time to just live it up as a care free 19-year-old! And I loved every second of it.

First Dorm Room at College
First I just want to share some background info about my school, Flagler College. (I'm only going to share a little bit, but there is some amazing history and interesting facts about it, so take time to visit the links I provided!) It was originally built as the beautiful Ponce de Leon hotel by Henry Flagler, and opened in 1888. It was quite a fancy place, and definitely a popular destination. Then during WWII, it was used as a training center for the coast guard. It was also a very prominent part of the Civil Rights movement. Then in 1968, it was finally opened as Flagler College. (I could go on and on with cool stuff about the college, but I think I'll save that for another post - because now I'm so excited about sharing that with y'all!)

When the hotel was turned into the college, the main building of the hotel housed the girls' dorms. It was called Ponce Hall, but usually just shortened to Ponce. So like I mentioned before as well, Emily and Linnea had prepared the room for me, and left cute notes for me for when I moved in. It was a good-sized room with one bunk bed, and one additional twin bed. There were two real closets and I had the free-standing wardrobe. Then we each had a desk and a small dresser. There was even a cute fireplace in the room! (But it didn't work, it just looked pretty.) And we shared our suite-style bathroom with the room next to us. Luckily we really did have one of the bigger dorms, so we had tons of open floor space in the middle of the room. Even though it was a little bit cramped, it was still a great dorm room in general, and we had tons of fun in it! Our favorite thing to do was find ways to creatively hop up into the top bunk with flips and jumps and chairs and hoopla. That was fun times. I loved my dorm room days, and would definitely recommend it for at least a year in college. SO much fun. :)

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Sara Pilling said...

I'm afraid I won't be linking up for this one or next weeks :-(

Firstly because this week doesn't apply to me. I've never been to college ;-(

Secondly next week doesn't apply (Not yet anyway!) as I still live with my parents. Although Kevin does have his own place. We've just never decorated to be honest!

Looking forward to the week after though. Might not be able to post again though as it's my birthday that week! Hence a few days of celebrating.
Looking forward to reading though when I get chance.

Miranda said...

Gosh, college is fun! Flagler was actually my dream college back in the day. Unfortunately, it didn't work out...but I fell in love with FSU pretty quickly too!

Your dorm room was adorable! Thanks again for doing this link-up every week!


Danielle said...

I'm in some of these photos! It was such fun hanging with you in college. I love your blog and visit frequently. Keep posting! Also, great job with the running and eating healthy. You look great! You are going to be the most beautiful bride ever. :)

Sarah said...

this makes me miss college!!

Carrie Land said...

Sounds like a fancy dorm! What a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Aw your first roommates sound so sweet! I love that they left all those cute notes for you!

Megan Colwell said...

This is a fun blog hop, but I worry my answers would be quite boring. My first roommate was my boyfriend at the time, Wesley. First time away from home was with my boyfriend, Wesley. I never lived in a college dorm...and now I live in my house with my husband, Wesley. Ha.

I'm now following your blog :)
Thanks for leaving love on mine. Mean a lot.

The Nautical Owl

Veronica @ Passion, Pink & Pearls said...

wow you got blessed with the most awesome of roommates!

ps: your college sounds amazing!

Kayla said...

I remember when they picked you out of the future student book and they were SO excited you were coming! And I remember all of the cute notes they made and showed me as they were checking out. Not that I'm biased - but you lived in one of my favorite rooms ever. :) I'm glad the homesickness only lasted a few days!

Anonymous said...

Living on campus was probably one of the best and most fun experiences of my life!