Monday, March 18, 2013

Patty's, Pizza & (Green) Polka Dots

Happy Monday loves! Did we all have a great weekend? I did, and I certainly would rather it still be the weekend. But instead of complaining about it, I'll just reminisce on the last couple of days, and share with y'all as well, of course :)

Friday, I went for a run right after work. I went to the local high school, and did two miles. My first mile was in exactly the same time as my fastest one from last week, at 13:04. And my total for the two miles was in 27:36. Which I just realized has actually been my fastest two miles yet! (Only by about 5 seconds, but still an improvement!) Then Jeff and I ran by Publix to grab some groceries, and we cooked ourselves a super yummy dinner. We made quesadilla pizza's for the first time, and looooved them. I'll be sharing more specifics about them on Thursday probably :) Then we just took it easy for the rest of the night, and watched a couple episodes of Fringe, and a re-run or two of How I Met Your Mother. Super chill, and really cozy and relaxing.

Saturday morning, I slept in just a little bit, but then finally got up when the dog wouldn't stop barking for no reason...But since I was up, I decided to be productive, so I went out for a short mile run around my neighborhood. But I hadn't drank any water and I was barely awake, so I went really slow and got a cramp. Not the best run, but it's okay. At least I did it. Then I went through some circuits at home for the belly, booty, arms & legs. I showered, got dressed, packed a beach bag, and headed to Jeff's house. And then we packed up the car to head down to the beach for a few hours! This time we decided to check out Shell Point, because it's really super close, and we both enjoyed it! It's just a tiny little place, but the weather was perfect, and it was so easy to get to, and they had great restroom facilities! (And for anyone who knows me, you know how important this is for my tiny bladder.)

Well then we were starting to feel a little sunburned (even though we were putting sunscreen on pretty frequently), so we decided to head out. When we got back to town, I really wanted to check out the sales at Old Navy, so we ran in there really quick, and discovered how red we were actually looking. Oopsie. I got a new dress (in the background of picture below), workout capris and workout tank, all with a gift card from my birthday! Hooray! Then we went to dinner at Beef O'Brady's with Jeff's mama and Granny, where there was some little convention of convertibles happening or something. Granny's favorite was the oldest one there, so we had her take a picture on front of it. The rest of the night we watched some more episodes of Fringe, I painted my nails festive for St. Patty's, and we applied sunburn lotion on ourselves a couple of times...

Sunday morning, my mama wasn't feeling good, but my dad and I went to church to teach our 3rd grade Sunday school class. But since it was their spring break week, we only had one kid, so she went in with another grade, and we decided to hit the road. So instead I went to Jeff's church for the morning! Afterwards, we went to lunch with his family and a guest from their church, and even though I tried to be "healthy" at Logan's, I didn't end up being too successful. Those rolls are too delicious to resits one! Later we went to Publix for some groceries, dropped them off at my house, then went back to his house. And guess what? We watched some more episodes of Fringe :) And even though we really didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day at all, we were both still wearing green and looking cute, and I was rocking my festive nails.

For the most part, it was a really easy-going, chill weekend. I got in a few runs and did a load of laundry, but that was about as "productive" as it got. And I'm completely okay with that. Those kind of relaxing weekends are just what you need sometimes, rather than a packed schedule that leaves you needing more rest. However, I am still hurting from the sunburn, and I'm more than ready for that make it's way outta here! I hope y'all also had a good weekend too!

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Alyssa Gapske said...

Quesadilla pizzas sound amazing!


Brianna said...

I absolutely LOVE those chill, relaxed weekends! My husband worked all weekend, so it was just me and the dog, and I loved it! Lots of re-runs of The Big Bang Theory :)! Oh, and I am totally obsessed with your nails - I wish I was as talented and patient to do that...*sigh*. Anyway, hope you have a great week!

I'm your newest follower (and co-host for #SBProStyle) from the link-up for this week's Spring Break festivities. Hope you'll stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and stay a while :).


Anonymous said...

Love love looooooooooove your nails.

Oh, and not only are we wedding date twins, our rings are similar!

Katy E said...

Your nails look awesome! Looking forward to the details of the quesadilla pizza!

Andrea H. said...

Love your polish! So creative and pretty :)

Libby's Life said...

Oooooh love your nails :) so cute!!

Angie Bean said...

Dear Friend:

How do you find time to run, find new recipes, work, hang with your fiance, go to church, go to the beach, AND paint your nails fancy?!? Stop it, you're making me feel bad.

PS, love your ring/watch pic ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your nails! I wish I had the patience and skills to do that to mine.

Danielle Leal said...

Your nails are gorgeous!! So fun and pretty!
The beach looks so beautiful! I wish I was near one! I could definitely use some sun bathing! I am so pasty. haha.

Congratulations on your running times! That's awesome! I need to get inspired to run! You might just be what I need to do so! :D So glad I found you!
I hope you have a fantastic day!!

Teresa said...

I love your nails!!

Dara said...

great job running and awesome nails!

Amber said...

Great job on your run girl. Proud of you!!

Good deals at Old Navy too. I hear their dresses and active wear are on sale now.