Monday, August 20, 2012

Promotion Day, Polka Dots & Po'Boys

Once again, my weekend did not disappoint. I wish I could have more of them actually! But then again, who wouldn't wish for more weekends and fun time with family, friends and loved ones??

The weekend started off with our 1 year anniversary date on Friday night! We tried out a new restaurant, and it was incredible. (This is 1 of 6 new restaurants for my 25 Before 25 list!) We went to 101 Restaurant, and were quite impressed by this place. We had heard mixed reviews about it before-hand, but we left there with only good things to say about it, and would like to visit again in the future. 

We had heard the portions sizes were teeny, so we got lettuce wraps as an appetizer. They weren't the best I've ever had (um, hello P.F. Chang's), but they were decent enough. For our main meals, I had Lemon-Basil chicken and it was soooo delicious, and so much food - two whole chicken breasts in fact! (I took one home in a box because I was way too full.) Jeff got Salmon Florentine, and it was also so yummy, and such a huge portion. So whoever told us the portions were small was way wrong. They were huge! 

It's definitely a fancy place, so we'll have to wait to go again until another special occasion, but it was so nice to splurge a bit for our anniversary date night! :) 

Oh, and look at how cute he decorated the front of my card! He's the sweetest :)

Saturday I went to lunch with my good friend Callie (who is also one of Meg's bridesmaids), before we went bridesmaid dress shopping for Meg's wedding. Such a fun time, and shopping was actually fun too. Then I hung out with my parents at home, had nap time before going to church for another great night at our Awaken service. After the service, my friend Sara invited our little group over to her house for dessert and movie night. There were lots of baked yummies, and I brought some ice cream, and we watched "The Game." And whoa man was that a crazy movie. There were so many twists and turns and unexpected events in that movie, and overall I think I liked it. It's a bit confusing, and definitely a thriller, but it's most certainly entertaining! Check it out if you're into psychological thriller kind of stuff.

Sunday morning was promotion Sunday for all the children and youth, and it was so much fun! We had a big breakfast buffet for all the youth, which was delicious, and all the youth just spent time together as one big group. We had our Senior students go down to pick up the rising 6th graders and we all cheered for them as they entered the youth hallway/3rd floor. Then we had some food and fellowship, followed by a quick game and a challenge from Chad, our interim student pastor.

Such a blessing to have so many youth for promotion Sunday!!

Sunday after church, our Sunday School class all went out to lunch together, and lots of laughs and good times. Then Jeff and I went to the cheap theater to see The Hunger Games again once more on the big screen. It was still incredible, and I was still so emotional watching parts like the reaping and parts of the actual games. Can't wait for the others to come out in theaters as well!! Then we went to the mall together and walked around for a couple of hours and did some "window shopping," because even though I tried on a couple of shirts and dresses, I didn't end up buying anything. But check out how cute this polka dot dress was at Macy's. Too bad it was still $80 on sale! I am not that rich... so unfortunately I didn't get to bring it home :(

Then we had dinner at one of our favorite places, Po'Boys Creole Cafe, and had some pretty yummy Buffalo Blues Burgers. It was really good, however we both decided buffalo and blue cheese sandwiches were better with chicken rather than beef, so next time I'll stick with my usual and order a delicious Buffalo Chicken Po'Boy. Because that baby is sooo good.

Then finally we went back to his house to both show each other some random stuff around the interwebs, and watch Men In Black 2. With the completion of this movie, we've now completed the trilogy, just a little out of order since we watched 1 & 2 after seeing 3 in the cheap theater just a few weeks ago. But they're still good movies, and I actually enjoyed all three of them much more than I had anticipated I would.

Now I'm back to work and a week filled with both fun and not-so-fun things to look forward to. But one good thing for today is the finalization of Rock the Universe plans, which happens in less than just three short weeks! Yay! It's always sooo much fun, no matter how exhausting. I can't wait!

I hope everyone else had good weekends too, and your Monday isn't too horrible! :)

Much love to all.

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