Monday, August 27, 2012

Pictionary, Publix & Polish

Do I say often enough how much fun the weekends are? It's not that I don't do fun things during the week, because usually I do. It's just something about those weekend hours that seem more special, more fun, more relaxing, more exciting, and so many other things. 

During the week, I usually have a million things to do, and not enough time to do it all in. But on the weekend, there's some extra time laying around, and I have a bit more motivation and oomph to actually get those things done. Cleaning my room on a Tuesday night sounds like a way bigger task than simply straightening it up Sunday afternoon while waiting on the boy to pick me up. Does that make sense? Does anyone else have a similar (silly) thought process?! 

Friday night was spent at my friend Lacey's house. We made the most delicious homemade pizza. The "recipe" is Lacey's creation, and here's what that entails: Publix pizza dough, 3-cheese pink pasta sauce, sauteed spinach, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, with cheese and pepperoni on top. Whoa it's so good. We also baked some yummy cookies, and played Pictionary, Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. I looove games, and we had so much fun playing so many all in one night!

Saturday morning was the youth car wash. Jeff swung by my house to pick me up, and we grabbed some breakfast on the way out to my church. We made a good amount of money, and enjoyed our time while out there! The girls were the sign-holders out at the road, while the boys did the washing. And we actually had fun jumping around and waving at all the random cars. I wouldn't mind doing that every now and then as a repeat fundraiser! :)

After the car wash, Jeff and I went to a nearby neighborhood for a bike ride. We only rode a little over 6 miles that day, but it was over a LOT of hills, so we still had a decent workout, even though it was a shorter ride. So that's 6 miles down from my total of 200 before my 25th birthday! It's a small start, but at least it's a start nonetheless!

Oh, and I got some new tennis shoes! A couple of months ago I bought a Groupon for Reebok, and finally ordered my shoes last Sunday afternoon. They came in super fast, and were here only 3 days later that Wednesday! They fit great, are super light, and way comfy. And hello! Look how awesome they look! I'm loving the gray/hot pink combo. And how cute is this collage? I love PicMonkey :)

Saturday afternoon we ran some errands, did some book-thrifting, and then headed to my friend Sara's house for dinner and a movie with some friends from church! We made some yummy spaghetti with Texas cheese toast, and we also had broccoli slaw and pretzel crisps. So good! We started watching a movie on Netflix, but didn't really like it. We stopped it and tried to find another, but then just didn't feel like it. So instead we just chatted and laughed and had a good time together!

While we were there, I also painted my nails! This is officially nail art attempt #2 of my 10 before my 25th birthday, and it turned out awesome. I ordered these awesome nail tip guides on eBay a few weeks ago, and used them for the first time for this.
Step 1 - apply two base coats in color of your choice.
Step 2 - stick on tip guides where you want them.
Step 3 - using different color, paint two coats on the upper half of the tip guide.
Step 4 - patiently let dry for a while.
Step 5 - carefully peel off guides and admire the awesomeness!
Step 6 - apply two coats of speed dry top coat to seal!

This was actually quite easy, and I'm quite obsessed with how they turned out! I got a pack of 10 different shapes, and each one has 110 guides, so I get to do this a LOT more with a ton of color combinations and fun patterns! Can't wait to try out another shape and tip guide! I'm thinking garnet and gold combo next in honor of football season starting up this weekend!

And this is my second time linking up with Heather and the ladies at Glitter and Gloss for Mani Monday! So if you would like to see a ton of other pretty nails, click the picture below :)

(And now back to my weekend for a bit longer...) 

Sunday morning was of course church, which was really good. I sang with the praise band, and enjoyed that as always. And since I sang, that means that Jeff came out to my church for the day :) Then after Sunday school, a group of us all went to lunch together at Coosh's. I did some cleaning in my room right after lunch, and then Jeff and I had some movie rest time while we watched The Dark Knight. (I haven't seen the Dark Knight Rises, so we're getting ready to go to that soon.) 

We then ran out to meet a random guy Jeff found on Facebook so he could buy a new belt. But it's not just any belt - it's a belt made out of a recycled bicycle tire! This guy hand-makes a ton of them, and then sells them, of course. And they are pretty awesome. I haven't seen Jeff yet today, but I'm quite sure (if I know him like I think I do) he wore it to work today! It's pretty cool indeed. 

Then last night we spent the night at my house with my parents. We stopped by Publix for some lunch meat, then made some sandwiches and got all snuggly in the living room, and we watched The Hunger Games! My parents hadn't seen it before, but they both liked it. Not anywhere NEAR as much as I like it, but still. And once again, I was still so emotional and into it during those super intense parts. I wonder if that feeling will happen every time I watch parts like The Reaping? I hope so! Already wanting to watch it again in fact, but I'm really ready for another movie to come out! Wish it was sooner...

OH! And one more quick thing... One of my goals from my Pledge was to complete a couch to 5k program. I didn't actually intend on registering and running an actual race, but the goal was to simply be able to run that distance. Well, that changed this weekend, and some friends and myself are going to run the Turkey Trot here in town on Thanksgiving morning! That gives me right under three months to train, so I should make it, but it's scary and nerve-wracking and exciting! "Training" starts tonight with the boyfriend for our first "run."    Send a prayer my way or wish me luck or something, because it will be anything but easy for me I'm sure...

So that's that. A lot of catching up and news to share, but I'm OK with longer posts every now and then! Are yall OK with reading longer ones?! Hope so :)

Hope you're all having a decent Monday, and happy first day of school to those college kids! But here's special shout-out to my little sister who is starting her senior year at FSU today!! Yay! Love you Little!


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I love this mani! I also recently tried a waves type mani, this is gorgeous!! :)

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I love the ombré manicure, good idea using the tape as a guide! Love it! Visiting from Mani Monday!

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This is so cute! I especially love the color blues you used-it's perfect! Visiting from the Mani Monday linkup xoxo

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Love the mani! New follower love your cute blog! looking forward to reading more!
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