Friday, August 24, 2012

Pinstagram Lately

Made cupcakes & toppers for family dinner night,
in honor of Sister's senior year of college!

Loving the Salon Professional nail polish brand. I got 3 new ones :)

Grandmother made 4 pies for our big, birthday family dinner night

Trying to get the hang of the "arm party" trend...

Publix Deli makes some amazing Boar's Head subs for lunch.

Some editing in Camera + and a cute filter makes me look better ;)

Signed up, added promo code, and got all three shipped for $0.01!!

I was in need of a coffee one afternoon...

#2 of the Salon Professional brand I got from Walmart.

Love washing all my dresses. So many options the next day!

This cute pup was distracting me while reading Harry Potter.

Fancy date night for our 1 year anniversary!

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It's almost the weekend! And even though this week has been pretty slow and relatively easy, I'm still patiently awaiting 5 o'clock to roll around and for the weekend to begin. Here's some highlights of the upcoming few days...
  • Dinner and game night tonight with friends and boyfriend
  • Youth fundraiser car wash at the church in the morning
  • Bike ride after the car wash with my sweet boy
  • Dinner and a movie night with our little "college & career" group from church tomorrow night
  • I'm singing in church on Sunday morning, so that means the boyfriend comes with me instead of his own church :)
  • Down time and relaxing (hopefully) on Sunday afternoon!
I hope you all have made it through your week, and I'm sure most of you are all anxious and ready for the weekend as well! Love to all ♥

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Megan said...

What a fun post! You're so cute :)