Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pre-Teen Obsessions - First Things First edition

Hello there again lovelies, for my second post of the day! This post is for week #4 of our First Things First link-up, with my good blog-friend Hallie at Life: Oceanside! Every week we have specific "first" topics that we share with y'all, and we want to hear your answers as well. So read our posts, write your own, grab our button, then come link up your post with us! This weeks "Firsts" are:

First Concert, First Celebrity Crush & First Best Friend!

First Concert
I think I went to about a thousand concerts when I was growing up, because my family loved those Gospel groups like The Gaither Vocal Band and The Cathedral Quartet. So we went to those at churches in and all around our town growing up. Seriously, a ton of these kinds of concerts. And honestly, my sister and I loved them :) 

But I actually consider my first "real" concert to be when I was 13 or 14, in 8th grade. I won tickets off of the radio for a Jo Dee Messina concert! And Rascal Flatts was actually opening for her! I was definitely a Jo Dee fan back then, but I was really thrilled to see Rascal Flatts. That was right after their debut album, and they weren't even very popular yet. We had the album though, and we absolutely loved it. And I absolutely loved the concert!

(Two side notes: I didn't realize until I just looked her up, but apparently Jo Dee is still out there making music and touring! Good for her. And, I've been to two more Rascal Flatts concerts since then, and they're absolutely amazing every time!! They're probably my all-time favorite band.)

First Celebrity Crush
Like most young girls during the height of the TV show, "Home Improvement," I was quite obsessed with my man, JTT. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. What a little hunk, am I right?! He was just so cute and so dreamy, and I was sure he needed to be my boyfriend. I remember talking about him with friends, and ogling over him in those trashy awesome teen magazines. He was just the cutest! And hello - check out those overalls, and his shirtless baby chest, and that killer peace sign necklace. Studly.

First Best Friend
My very first best friend was way back in kindergarten. Her name was Shaughnessy. Interesting/cool name right? It's Native American, I believe. Anyways, we were seated alphabetically in class back then, and we ended up close to each other. We quickly became friends (because I was [and still am]a chatter box), and then we were friends for a couple years! 

We had lots of sleepovers at her house, and I have a very vivid memory of peeing in my 6-or-7-year-old-pants while playing hide-and-seek out on their giant property in the country, because I knew I wouldn't be able to make it all the way back to her house in time. Good times right?! 

Do you remember your first concert, celebrity crush and best friend? If so, write a post about it, and then come back here to link up to both of our blogs!  And if you want to get read for next week, those topics will be:

1. First trip out of the country
2. First major purchase on your own
3. First thing you learned to cook

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First Things First


Sarah said...

Yo. I'm still obsessed with JTT.

Jamie K. said...

Totally participating next week! :)

Nicole McKenzie said...

Who wasn't obsessed with JTT?! I wrote him a letter once....and was heartbroken when he never responded! haha

Speaking of teen crushes, I just found out today that none other than Aaron Carter is coming to Pensacola for a concert!!!!!! Hahah, I kind of really want to go.

Anonymous said...

"Home Improvement" was a great show! One of the best of the '90s.

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

oh my gosh the shirtless overalls.
sooo 90's sex appeal. loveit:)

Amber said...

Oh fun! My first concert was Spice Girls ;)

Gina Alyse said...

Oh, I remember the show Home Improvement! That was such a while ago. I wish shows like that one were still on!

xo, gina

Brittany Goodnight said...

JO DEE MESENNA SO JEALOUS!! Love your blog :)