Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Page View Issues?

Guys. Do y'all ever look at your stats page in Blogger? You know, the one where you can see things like: page views, traffic sources, audience...? Well, I do look at it pretty often, but yesterday I noticed something. I noticed a HUGE spike in overall traffic to my blog. So I went to the stats page to see the top referring URL's, and yesterday a spam site sent me tons of views. Now normally, we all love page views - but I'm not really trying to get them from fake people!

It's from a site I don't want to mention, because I don't want them getting anymore attention than they're already getting from spamming other bloggers as well, I'm sure.  But I did a little research and learned it's not really real. So here's my question - is there a way to block certain websites? I've found where you can always approve certain ones, but not how to block them. Anyone know any tricks? Of course I want a high page view count, but not like this! And, I don't want some random website spamming my blog around... Tips? Tricks? Suggestions? Ideas?

I want to get these people out of here!


Emily said...

I had this happen to me, too! On one post in particular, I had like over 200 page views, which is outrageous!! I ended up deleted that one post--it wasn't that important, and I was getting spam comments. :(

WhatJeanLikes said...

That sucks!! I wish I had some helpful tips for you. I wonder how the spammers got it or what service they are using. You may be able to get them to stop if you can find that out!! Good luck dear!

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