Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plentiful Bounty

Yesterday afternoon, I went on a little mini road trip with my Mama, Aunt Suzanne, and Grandmother to Eufaula, Alabama, for my sister's first wedding shower! Most of her fiance's family are all from there, and they wanted to throw her a shower while some more family members from Tennessee were in town during the holidays. So they put together a Christmas-themed shower, and it was quite lovely!

I'd never heard of such a thing before, but she got lots of great things - some might say, she received a Plentiful Bounty! Some of the things she received were: ornaments, dishware, aprons, towels, pillows, cookbooks, frames, a wreath and more! And then next year, their first Christmas as a married couple will be so nice, because she'll have to buy very little in order to make her house festive! I mean - look at this table of all her goodies!

The shower was held in a beautiful, old historic home, Fendall Hall, and it was still decorated with lots of beautiful Christmas decorations. She got lots of seriously good presents, and had so much fun! Now she says the wedding seems closer and more real than before, and she really feels like an actual bride now! :) Time seems to be speeding up and there are really only four and a half more months until the wedding! Whoa. And it seems like there's still so much that needs to be done. For one thing, I need to plan a shower to throw her myself, so I better get on that!

Here's a few stolen pictures that I'm borrowing from my Mama! :)

Meg's family. From L to R: Mama, Megan, Grandmommie, me, Aunt Suzanne.

Bo's Family. From L to R: Meme (maternal g-ma), Linda (Bo's mama), Megan, DeeDee (paternal g-ma). 

Bo came at the end to say Thank You to people, and of course do the heavy lifting to load it all in the car :)

The shower itself was of course very nice. And we also just had a great time in the car together, telling stories and laughing and driving through the back roads of Georgia and Alabama! Megan enjoyed being the center of attention (once she was able to settle her nerves a little bit), and she was so thankful and grateful for a beautiful shower!

Thanks to Meme and DeeDee and all the work they did for Meg's very first wedding shower! Looking forward to a few more, and lots more fun wedding stuff for her! Love you Seester!!

P.S. - Not sure what I want to do for the shower I throw for her? Have y'all ever done anything like this before? Should it be general or themed? Or do you have any tips or suggestions for me? I'm excited to do this, but I've never done it, and not quite sure where to start!


Lauren Thomas said...

Eufala is such a cute little place! We always drive through on our way to the beach...well when we lived in GA.

Ok girl, I've got lots of shower ideas! could make a theme for the decorations but not the presents. That way she's sure to get stuff off of her registry. For instance, you could throw a vintage tea party - get some old tea cups from an antique store, or have everyone bring their own special tea cup & saucer.

Another fun idea is to have a Pampered Chef shower. It would be just like a regular pampered chef party, but everyone buys something from her wish list instead of something for themselves.

Oh I love showers and parties! ;)

Nicole McKenzie said...

That house looked beautiful!! Showers are fun when you're the bride no matter what the "theme" so don't stress too much over it, Meg will love it either way! :)

Jessinia Ruff said...

I've always done/been to a general shower, so I'm not sure about theme ideas. I love your blog. I nominated you for a Liebster award. Look here

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award....AAANNNDD I see that someone else has as well! Don't feel obligated to participate, but if you so choose:
Happy New Year!