Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This past Sunday, Jeff and I took a mini road trip over to Marianna, Florida, to check out another state park and do some exploring and have an adventure! We went to Florida Caverns State Park, and did the cave tour together! We didn't realize at first we were going to have to pay, but we ended up paying $8 a person, and it was totally worth it for the 45 minute underground tour of the cavern. It was so awesome down there! 

The pictures below really don't do it justice, but I tried my best. Hopefully you can at least get a little glimpse of what it's like down there! All of the formations are natural down there. The cave itself however was excavated in 1938-1942 in order for us to be able to actually walk around and go on tours. The men were paid only $1 a day to do some extremely strenuous work. So crazy. But I'm so glad they did that, so that we could explore it all now! Because it was so cool!!

Oh, and "Potholing" is the term used in the UK and Ireland apparently for what we would just call "caving" or maybe even "spelunking." But obviously I just had to use "Potholing!"

That super smooth, glassy-looking part is actually water! It is completely stagnant, therefore looks like glass.

This is in the "Castle Room," named for the way this formation looks!

This now marks state park number 4 out of my goal to visit 10 before my 25th birthday! There are still plenty other ones nearby, and we plan on visiting another again soon, because we enjoyed this one so much! If you get a chance to go under the earth into an air cave (meaning not the underwater kind), I highly recommend it. It is just so different, and so neat down there. Way cool. 


Kimmyyy83 said...

Love the pictures, we have family in Jacksonville, I have put this on our to do list next time we galavant off to florida!

Anonymous said...

The boyfriend and I have been meaning to do this forever since it's not that far away. My mom apparently went when she was pregnant with me, so I kind of have been there before. haha. Great pictures. I can't imagine what it must be like to see it all in person.

Ricci said...

AMAZING!!!! I would be too much if a scary cat to do that but your pics are AWESOME!! I think I'm slightly claustrophobic....