Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Update

It feels like it's been forever since I've written a proper blog post, because Wednesday's post was a scheduled post with a yummy recipe, Thursday's post was scheduled too (and it was just a ton of pictures anyways), and then Friday I quickly wrote a few simple letters. So really, it's been about a week since I wrote a real post, and that just seems strange! And I missed it, and I'm glad to be "back" of course :)

So, since I've last written, here are a few things that have happened...

I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner at our house, because my mom's elbow isn't healed from surgery
But I loved doing all of the cooking and decorating!
And I wore my super cute apron the whole time too :)
Painted my nails garnet & glittery gold to support my Noles
I did end up leaving the house a bit on Friday from some shopping, but not too much
Bought three new Christmas albums, each of which was only $5! (Perry Como, Colbie Caillat & Straight No Chaser)
Also did some much easier, online shopping on Friday, and got great deals
Had dinner with one of my besties, Sara on Friday night
Missed my boyfriend a whole bunch while he was out of town
Continued eating way too much food, even after Thanksgiving itself was long gone
Made some delicious appetizers for a football-watching party
Sadly watched my Seminoles lose to the stupid Gators :(
Did a lot of hanging out with my parents
Went to lunch with some awesome friends after church on Sunday
Finally got out my box of winter clothes with sweaters, scarves, gloves, boots and jackets! 
Went to an amazing night of worship at Awaken at my church
And finally welcomed Jeff home after missing him while he was gone for six days!

My dad took this when I wasn't ready, but it turned out pretty cute still :)

My super sparkly garnet & gold nails to support my Seminoles!

Bacon-wrapped Lil' Smokies I made for the football game. "Recipe" to come later this week...

An amazing "Awaken" worship service at my church on Sunday night.

Thanksgiving decor at my house, and my yummy dinner plate!

To sum it all up, I'd say I had a pretty great holiday, spent with family and friends. I cooked and ate a ton of delicious food, and enjoyed having time off for this holiday. It was a good mix of busyness and laziness, and I enjoyed both of those. I hope y'all had good Thanksgiving holidays as well! 

Today I've decorated my office for Christmas, and have definitely started listening to Christmas music. (Actually that's been happening for a while now...) I'm absolutely in the Christmas spirit, and I can't wait to get a tree and decorate our house! Oh, and I need to show off the Christmas wreath I made a couple weeks ago!

Oh, and for those of you who read my Friday's Letters about how annoying Picasa is, if you were wondering what I've done... for now I paid the monthly $2.50 to Google for the extra 25 GB's of storage. Basically just to buy myself some time to do more research on other options. If I find something better, I'll update again for those also having the same problem, because it appears a number of us are based on the comments and emails I got about it! Apparently Picasa is annoying quite a few of us bloggers... Rude.

And today I'm linking up with Brooke, Sami, Heather & Syndal.


Angie Bean said...

Your apron is super cute! I'm glad you had such a fun Thanksgiving Break!

Sarah said...

Your food looks delicious and your apron and nails are adorable!!

Brianne said...

Super cute nails!

Julie Marie said...

hi halie. i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. =) i just came over to your blog from Bold Butter Baby =) just thought id say hi..we had a fab night of worship at our church this past week too, but i was working in our toddler i missed out, but my reward is in heaven ;) hee hee...i ended up following you from both my google accounts. haha. sometimes i dont remember if i am following someone if we don't touch base often, so i followed you on my new google, and then went back to my old one to see if i already was.. nope, but now you got "two" new followers..haha me and me =) have a wonderful week.. super cute apron too by the way!

Franziska said...

I love what you do with your nails. Is that a loose glitter or did you use a polish?

Syndal said...

I love your nails! I am not that good at doing my own!