Thursday, November 22, 2012

Party Like It's 2005

Here's another installment of my walk down memory lane! This was our New Year's Eve celebration during our senior year of high school. We all went out to our friend Brian's house, and we just hung around the bonfire and enjoyed some Welch's sparkling grape juice at midnight :)

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We "borrowed" some Christmas trees from the neighbors for some giant bonfires

I photobombed this picture -- can you see me?!
I'm not actually here today, as this was already scheduled last week, but I hope you're all having a great Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy the time with your friends, family and loved ones, and tell them you're thankful they're in your life! Also, I challenge you to write a list of at least ten things in your life you're thankful for, and hang it up somewhere you'll see daily. Gratitude and thankfulness should be recognized more than just one day a year! So take some time to reflect on those blessings today, and all year long as well.

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