Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pasta, Puppy & a State Park Weekend

Well, last Thursday and Friday were the worst days of whatever this sickness is, so I stayed home the whole time. I didn't shower or leave the house (except a quick doctor's visit) or eat hardly anything, and I was just pretty icky. I've felt pretty off the last five or so days, and my blogging seems a little labored right now, but I'm gonna just power through it anyways for a quick weekend update...

Friday night I was supposed to go camping with my Sunday school class, but just wasn't up for it. So instead my parents and I watched season 2, episodes 7-13 of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix. Then when we woke up Saturday morning, we watched season 3, episodes 1-4 from OnDemand. Whoa baby that show is craziness, and for some weird reason I'm enthralled with it. And I also had this cute puppy to snuggle with while I wasn't feeling good :)

Saturday afternoon/evening was spent at Jeff's house after he got home from camping. We watched "Horton Hears a Who" and just relaxed for a bit before dinner. Then we went to The Tomato Cafe in Havana to use my Living Social deal for pasta night. The pasta was good, and the town was already lit up for Christmas, so it looked so pretty :) Then we went back to his house to just chill and relax some more.

In case you're wondering - that is pesto sauce, not snot like Jeff said it looked like...

Sunday morning I went to church as usual, and then met Jeff to go for an adventure day with our state park pass! We drove a little over an hour Northwest to Marianna, Florida, to go to the Florida Caverns State Park. We paid a mere $8 per person, and got to go on an awesome tour of the caverns! I got a ton of awesome pictures (with my real camera even!), so I'll be sharing those later this week in their own post. We then took our time slowly exploring the rest of the park, and enjoying the nice weather! This makes state park #4 of 10 before my birthday! Then we randomly caught the Veteran's Day parade as we were leaving town, so we got out and watched that real quick!

This is all I got on my iPhone - the rest of them are on my real camera, so stay tuned for more, and better pics!

Sunday evening we were back in Tallahassee, and spent some time wandering around Ross just killing some time. And of course I found a few knick-knacks and things for myself as well. Then we went to the cheap theater and used my Groupon, so we saw "Looper" for "free!" Very interesting movie by the way!

And then Monday was a "holiday" since Vet's day was on the weekend, so we had the day off of work yesterday! We saw "Wreck It Ralph" yesterday morning, and it was a really cute movie! We loved the movie itself, and very much enjoyed the $5, morning ticket prices. Then we met my friend Lacey at Hobby Lobby, had lunch at Five Guys, and went back to Lacey's house for some craft time. I taught her how to make one of the mesh, bubble wreath things like I learned in my class last week, and hers looks great! We then just kind of sat around being lazy, eventually ate some pizza and then headed out.

I'm still not 100%, and I'm feeling pretty sleepy today. So I'm still going to try to rest some more tonight, and just take it easy. Maybe eventually I'll be back up to my normal self again. Just say a prayer or two for me in the meantime, and I would much appreciate that! Hopefully y'all had nice, long weekends as well, and that you also enjoyed yours! I'm unfortunately very behind in blog reading due to the sickness, so let me know what fun stuff y'all did for your weekend! And here's to a short, 4-day work week!


Kimmyyy83 said...

I made a wreath this weekend too!! Sorry you are sicky, praying for energy and life back to ya!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

love that wreath!
I wanna spend the weekend in Tallahassee, I told P I want to move there:)

I hope you feel better my dear!

Sar said...

I want to see Wreck It, Ralph! Maybe I will have to check it out, especially since you liked it!

YAY for Hobby Lobby and crafting time!

Hope your Wednesday is fantastic!