Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Progress Report

Yesterday marked three months left until my 25th birthday in January, so I just wanted to write a quick update post about my Pledge of 25 Before 25... So here's a quick Progress Report on where I stand with some of the goals in my list of things to accomplish before I turn a quarter of a century old...

Here's some of my biggest news so far, last night while I was sleeping, my little bloggy-blog reached 10,000 views!!! When I decided on a goal of 10,000, I was then at 5,728. Guys -- that means I've gotten a little over 4,000 views in just three months! That is crazy and amazing and exciting and also humbling. It's so great to know that what I write, and do, and photograph is actually being read and looked at by my lovely friends, family, followers and everyone else in between. And to know that the amount of time and work I put into this, is actually worth it!  It's just so exciting! So thank you :)

I can almost completely cross that goal off now (10,000 views and 200 posts), but just not quite yet. I have 206 posts total, but some of them are still in draft form, and so it doesn't count until I have 200 published posts. This one is #195, so it will happen very soon!

Other things...
-- 10 state parks -- I have visited three, so I better get a move on!
-- 3 towns nearby -- we explored Thomasville a little bit, so that's only one new city so far
-- 6 new restaurants/food trucks -- I have tried 3 new ones, so I'm doing good with that goal
-- 6 books -- I have read two so far, and am currently reading a third. Decent progress :)
-- 10 nail art designs -- I have done 7 different ones, so I'm on a roll with this goal!
-- 200 miles on my bike -- at this point, I've only ridden about 54, so I've definitely got a lot more miles to go
-- Date night each month -- we're 3 for 3 at this point, so we're good!
-- I kind of started learning guitar, but decided my hand is too small so I'd try the ukulele instead :)
-- We just finished up the first session of Bible study with the youth last Sunday night, so that one's crossed off!
-- I've memorized three new scriptures, so that's going pretty well too so far.
-- I've made at least six or seven recipes from Pinterest, and I'll be making another one tonight

All-in-all, I think I'm doing a pretty decent job at accomplishing these 25 goals! Obviously I still have quite a bit to do, but I've still got three months, and I'm a pretty determined girl, so I'm not too worried about it :) I'm so glad I decided to create this list of goals, and I'm even more excited I've been really working towards it for the last three months. I look forward to being able to do another Progress Report once I accomplish a few more things as well! (For example: upcoming camping trip and planning the16-mile bike ride...) Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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congrats! we love your blog and we are now your newest followers we would love for you to stop by and check us out xo