Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinstagram of September

Disclaimer - this was "scheduled" to automatically post on Saturday afternoon at 12:30 p.m., but for whatever reason I appear to not know how to actually do such "scheduling." So this was supposed to be the end-cap to September, but since I'm sometimes blogging inadequate, we'll just throw this out as the second post for the day because there are some pictures in here I didn't want to be left "unseen" by my blogger friends and followers :)


Here's an end-of-the-month Pinstagram phone dump! (I figure "Pinstagram" is just going to be a regular word around here from now on...hope that's OK with y'all that I make up words sometimes.) If you want to see all of my Instagram photos, but don't have Instagram yourself, you can check it out online HERE. Ya know, just if you wanted to :) If you do have it, you can just follow me, my username is "HalieRenee88"

#tbt to Nicole's wedding reception in 2010 (tbt = Throw Back Thursday)

Lunch date with my sweet boy :)

#tbt of "Senior Girl" in high school, from 2005!

My first time trying the ever-so-popular macaroons!

Mint bracelet, mint nails, mint dress. Love the matchy-matchy!

Baked homemade pumpkin cupcakes. So good. Should I post the recipe?

"Fall" M&M's? Looks like Seminole M&M's to me!!

After-dinner coffee run for my fam one night with Jeff.

Tribecca white pizza from Red Elephant for lunch one day.

Opening game of football season, with my beloved 'Noles!

Cute little print-out desk calendar at work.

Squishy face Squirt.

Nail art supplies and colors.

Yummy tuna sammy for lunch at work.

Cute little shop in St. Augustine.

Pretty sunset.

Bike all loaded, and ready to go to St. Augustine for the weekend!

Simple, no-design nails, but loved the colors together!


Kaley Grant said...

I love that picture of you and Dani!

Hallie said...

umm please post the pumpkin cupcake reciepe and I love the "nole" m&m's:):)