Thursday, February 10, 2011

Polka-dot Painted Flower Pot

Last Saturday was rainy and kinda cold and real nasty. So I braved the weather in my rolled-up jeans and Sperry's to run a few errands and get some lunch. I then retreated to my dry, warm house for the perfect afternoon combination of movie rest time and craft time.

Painting is one of my favorite crafts. I'm not very good at it, and things certainly don't look perfect, but it is fun and relaxing. Mixing a few colors together to create the perfect color, then adding in just a bit more of another color to make it even better. Love it. Makes me feel accomplished that I've created such a pretty color, just by swirling things around. So Saturday I painted a flower pot.

A few weeks ago in youth, Duncan passed these out to all of us as a reminder of something that we needed to work on in our lives. The world is a dark place, and it needs SON-light, and sunlight. And so do the hard parts of our lives. We were supposed to name our flower something that would remind us of what we needed to pray for in our lives. Mine was named after a friend that I've been praying about for a few months.

The growth of the plant was supposed to represent the growth of what we were praying for. And you know what? That friendship is stronger than ever. My plant has grown a lot, and so has our relationship. When we first got the plants, it was just the bulb in the dirt – and now look at it! No blooms yet, but it's a beautiful green. And I know one day the tulips will be beautiful too! As will the relationship with my friend. The friendship still has some bumps, but it's grown so much, and I know it will only continue to grow. And so will my tulip :)
And for those of you who've seen all the bottles I had painted in my St. Augustine apartment, this probably looks familiar. But it's my favorite design – I just had to use it again!

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