Monday, February 14, 2011

Playtime with Bridge

This weekend, my old college friend and roommate, Bridget, flew from Ohio to visit me! We had a lot of fun, made some great memories, and laughed a lot. Friday night I picked her up from the airport, and we headed to Friday's for food, fun and story/catch-up time. We talked for hours, and had so much to tell each other.

Saturday morning we went to Textures Handmade Market, which is one of my favorite little stores here in Tally, and we both got new goodies. Bee got a cute little ring, and I got a real cute headband! We drooled over the yummy cupcakes at Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery, my favorite bakery, and left empty handed unfortunately. But we were saving up for our own homemade cupcakes! We met my fam at Sonny's for some southern BBQ for my northern friend. Delish. Next I showed her around our humble little town - FSU campus, Garnet & Gold shop, Downtown, Capitol building...real exciting stuff.

We came home in time to make cupcakes, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip, with Nutella frosting. Oh so good.

Then we went to a little get-together for our "college group" at church for dinner and a bonfire. It wasn't too crazy cold, and we had ourselves a good time. Then we met some friends at Midtown for some hang out time, and had a blast :)

Sunday was coffee, coffee, coffee, church, Sunny-D, lunch at home, and then movie rest time all snuggly and cozy. After some relaxing, we walked around Lake Ella, took pretty pictures, and then headed to The Crepe Vine for dinner. Soo good. And we got a free dessert crepe. Even better. Sunday night was: Jim Gaffigan laugh time, listening to music, a tiny bit of Zumba, FRIENDS, Glee Karaoke and Jeopardy for the Wii. Fun, fun, fun.


Monday morning we got to sleep in, thank the Lord, and then we headed to good 'ole AMC to watch "The Mechanic." And it was an awesome movie!! I would definitely recommend this one. We came home and I made us a random lunch, which was quite yummy, and we watched some more FRIENDS while we ate - just like old times in the apartment. I took her to my favorite, Fuzions, and then it was time to go to the airport. We had a great weekend, and I'm so glad she was able to come here for the weekend!
Weekends are the best. And I wish there were more of them. And I'm already excited for next weekend - we're thinking it's a beach day! Much needed. And since I took the day off work today, I only have to make it through four days of work. Yes!


Nicole McKenzie said...

What a fun time!!! I am so proud and honored to have introduced you both to movie rest time back in the dorms...Bridget and I with our massive movie collection, you're welcome :) Aww, fun times for all, love you both!

Halie Renee said...

Nicole that's what I ALWAYS call it now! And so does my family :) Love you too!