Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Preparing to Run a 5K

Despite how exhausted I'm feeling right now (a 2.5-mile early morning run will do that to ya...), I'm still so freaking excited this morning! Why you ask? Well......I'm excited because I finally broke 180, and I'm now into a new weight decade!

Highest starting weight = 227
January starting weight = 217
Last week, July 31 = 181.6
Today, August 7 = 179.4

Sheesh. It feels like it took close to forever to finally break out of the 180's, but honestly, I don't even care right now because I'm just so happy to have done it. Of course it wasn't near as quickly as I would have liked (considering my goal was 180 by my sister's wedding on May 18th....), but I didn't give up and I finally made it. It really feels quite strange actually, to know that my weight is in the 170's. Anyone know what I mean by that?  I mean, to be well over 200 for so long, and now to say I weigh 170-something -- it's just a bit of a strange feeling! But don't you get me wrong, it's definitely a good kind of strange, if that makes any sense!

Anyways, workouts are going great still, even though I wasn't able to make it to zumba at all last week. I was still able to exercise at least a tiny bit almost every day during the week, and I typically rest both weekend days, although I'm trying to change that...

Wednesday: lunch-time ab class & a quick 1/2-mile run before it started storming like crazy (524 cals)
Friday: 2.27-mile run before work (392 calories)
Monday: 2.5-mile run before work and 40-minute lunch-time walk with my aunt (602 calories)
Tuesday: 1.2-mile run and an hour of zumba (898 calories)
Wednesday: 2.5-mile run before work (352 calories) and I'm going back to the ab class again at lunch

Rocking my mismatched socks. Life's too short to waste time trying to match socks, am I right?!

So here's a running update for y'all now, and a bit of a non-scale victory. I first started this running journey back in mid-February. When I began, I felt like I could barely run one lap on the track without hyperventilating and having to take a quick walk break. I eventually pushed until I could run half a mile without walking, and then got my mile time down from 16:30ish to right at 12 minutes, with some walking still. Well now, I can somewhat easily run right around 1.25 miles without walking at all, and I do it in about 11:30. Hello improvement!

My 5K training is going great, and I really do feel like each week I can feel myself getting stronger and becoming a better runner. This week, I'm at 2.5 miles, three days a week, and it feels pretty good. I'm doing it right around 30 minutes, which I think is pretty good for me. And speaking of 5K training, my friends and I finally all decided on a cute name for our team for The Color Run - the Painted Pixies! So cute right!? And it fits my P-theme perfectly for my blog :) We are exactly one month away from race day, and I am just so stinking excited about it!!

I officially registered, created our team, and paid my fee last night, so there's no turning back now! I'll be running in my very first 5K race in just 31 days. I think my goal will be to finish the whole thing in 40ish minutes, but if it takes longer, I'm not going to beat myself up about it too much, because we'll be having so much fun going through each of the color stations! Here's the map of where we'll be running here in town. It's down on FSU's campus, so it will at least be a fun route through the gorgeous campus!

All-in-all, things are going great on the weight loss front, and on the running front. I'm Preparing to Run a 5K, and I'm feeling really anxious and excited for it. I'm glad the first one I do is going to be the Color Run, because I just think it will be so much fun - especially with awesome girlfriends running with me! Who knew that I would one day be excited about running? I sure never would have guessed that. But I'm honestly so proud of myself for doing it, and sticking to it even when I don't feel like it. Becoming a runner is a weird thing for me, but it's been a good journey so far!

Thanks for all y'all's love and support on this journey with me! It truly does mean so much and make me so happy and give me warm fuzzy feelings inside this little heart of mine :)

Much Love,


Kristin J said...

Yay for signing up for your first 5K! I have no doubt that you will rock it!

Limefreckle said...

I'm jealous, I want to be in the 170's so badly! Still struggling with getting below 200...but I'll get there...congrats to you, I'm just imagining how great you feel!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

dude! you're such an encouragement to me - i wish you lived here so we could be running buddies. lol.

Carolyn said...

Good job girl! I can totally relate on the weirdness of the 170's-- when I broke into this decade, it almost finally feels like a "reasonable" weight? Not that 180+ is unreasonable, but like I wouldn't be too embarrassed if I had to admit to my weight. And if I needed to update my drivers license, I probably wouldn't even lie about it. Weird how the mind has these "rules" about what is a "good weight." Either way, imagine how good the 160's will feel next!! Good job girlie!

Nicole McKenzie said...

Congrats, Hales!!! You're doing so great! Just focus on one day at a time :)

Jenn said...

Congrats on the 170's!! This is the first decade for me (I started at 185) but even just getting down by one is just amazing to me!

SO AMAZING that you've lost so much!!! Lots of hard work I'm sure!! I just started my first couch to 5k the other day and I hope that I can do as well as you someday!

I'm not a natural runner and never have been, but I'm hoping to get there!!


Kate said...

Congratulations on getting to the 170's! New decades are the best! And I'm so excited about your 5K! Glad to hear that your training is going so well!

Kayla said...

You go girlie!

andy brienne said...

Can I say that I love this, and I love your wedding posts. Genuine bloggers are refreshing, and you're lovely.

andy brienne said...

Can I say that I love this, and I love your wedding posts. Genuine bloggers are refreshing, and you're lovely.

Ash Z said...

You are such an inspiration! I cannot wait to see you looking all tiny in that wedding dress :)

Sarah said...

Yay for a new weight decade!! I am currently working on breaking into the 180s! :)


Brianne said...


Veronica Lee Burns said...

You will absolutely LOVE it!