Friday, August 2, 2013

Picking A Team Name & Friday's Letters

Dear Friday: Always nice to see you.

Dear Fiance: I just want you to know how freaking excited I am to marry you! We are just over two months away, and I'm more than ready :) I mean, the wedding-planning-part is fun and all, but I think the actual being-married-part is going to be wayyy more awesome. Can hardly wait!

Dear 5K Training: I'm now officially halfway done, and I'm feeling great. This morning's run was scheduled for 2.25, and the first mile ended up being my fastest one yet, at 10:40. That's such a crazy huge improvement y'all! Remember when I first started running in February, my mile was around 15 minutes? So I've now been able to shave off 5 minutes from when I first began - that's crazy!

Dear Color Run Team: Seriously, we have got to pick ourselves a name so we can get registered for the race! I don't want us to miss the early registration discount, and I certainly don't want it to get full before we sign-up. So let's get a move on here, shall we?!

Dear Angie: The wedding invitations are looking sooo good so far! You really have grasped our ideas and vision so well, and you're doing an awesome job. Every time you text me to say you've emailed updates or another draft, I just about pee my pants trying to check my email fast enough. I can't wait to see how they turn out once you're all done in a few more days! Eeeek!

Dear Shutterfly: You rock. I ordered my book last Wednesday night, around 11 pm, and then got an email on Friday saying it was shipped. Well then I got it already this Wednesday - and it's perfect! I love it so so very much, and it's going to make the perfect guest book for our wedding. (Below is the front cover, which came out so amazing.)

Dear Twins: I'm excited for y'all's birthday party tomorrow morning! I just really super hope it doesn't rain and ruin the whole thing, since we're planning on having it outdoors at the park! So weather? I'm gonna need you to cooperate with us again this weekend, mmmkay? Thanks.

Dear Blog Friends & Real-Life Friends: Thank you all so so much for so many kind words of encouragement on Tuesday during my little pity-party/whiny day. Seriously, it wasn't even that big of a deal, but you guys were all so sweet and it made me feel so much better! I'm back to feeling more like myself again now, and things are feeling great :)

Looking forward to another fun, summer weekend with family and friends, and Jeff and the twins! (I honestly love it when I kinda rhyme on accident.) And hopefully we can get some more wedding planning and/or wedding shopping done, so I can cross some more things off my list! Happy Friday y'all, and happy weekend!

Much Love,


Erin LFF said...

So much fun stuff going on for you lady! Only 2 months to go?! YAY! And Shutterfly doessss rock, love the cover you picked out too!!

Have a great weekend with birthday parties and fun!!

Ash Z said...

I love Shutterfly :)