Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinstagram Summer

I took the last couple of days off from blogging, but I'm still alive and kickin'. It was weird not coming here and writing a post, and still weird throughout the day with no comments to read and emails to respond to, or check on my stats too many times....but it was also good to just breathe a little bit. I'm not here with any sort of writing that would win any prizes, I just want to share a few of my Pinstagram Summer moments from my life recently. It just seems like so many more things Instagram-worth happen during the lovely summer months, and I've certainly been sharing my share of photos lately....

1 / Beautiful sunrise on an early morning run
2 / Super cute trinkets and sweet note from my friend Megan in Tennessee
3 / Big Easy Snowballs with my family
4 / Wedding invitations ready to be taken to the post office!
5 / Gorgeous, random hibiscus flower in the middle of our azalea bushes at home
6 / Finally got to play Cards Against Humanity, and had a blast
7 / Free chocolate ice cream cones at Bullritos, somewhere in Georgia
8 / My wedding shoes are in that box!!
9 / Chipotle salads are really freaking delicious, and don't even need the dressing

1 / Putt-putt night with Jeff and the twins
2 / Beautiful blue skies and corn fields in the middle-of-nowhere-Georgia 
3 / Movie night with my man 
4 / Love my amazing photo guest book I made using Shutterfly!
5 / Drink break during a long day of running errands and shopping
6 / Sweet Bath & Body Works haul from their semi-annual sale
7 / Pretty flower/plant-thing from my coworkers, before moving to my new job
8 / Love summer days spent at the pool
9 / Matchy-matchy family for the twins' Superman-themed 7th birthday party!

And for you bloggers who stopped using Vine the minute Instagram got video, you've been missing out on (barely any) videos made by yours truly. But when I do remember to make a video on Vine, they're kinda cute :) Or at least I think they are...

So that's all I've got to share with y'all today. I may not be back to every-day-blogging status again for a while as wedding planning gets crazier and crazier, but I will still be here when I can be. And then hopefully I'll be able to resume my regular blogging schedule again in just a couple more months! Thanks for sticking around here with me though! Bloggy friends are such good friends :)

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Loved all your pics and Vine-tastic vids!


Brianne said...

The sunrise & corn field are my favorite but they are all great pics!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

love following you on instagram!

Rachel said...

Bath and Body Works lotion is my absolute favorite.

Fun photos!!

Anonymous said...

There is so much summery goodness in this post! I'm loving that cornfield picture :)