Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pistachio Shake: Weigh-In Day

I for one am glad it's Wednesday. Anyone seen that Geico commercial with the camel walking around the office asking everyone what day it is? Jeff's brother first told us about it a month or so ago, and then we finally saw it last night, and it is actually pretty funny! Well then this morning, some of my co-workers were going around reenacting it, and it was quite an entertaining way to start off the work day actually. It's hump day!!! And hump day  means a weigh-in day, so here we go!

Highest starting weight = 227
January starting weight = 217
Last week, June 19 = 185.6
Today, June 26 = 184.2

Woohoo! That's another loss this week, at 1.4 pounds down from last week. In the first week of June, I was at 187.4 with a goal to lose four pounds this month. So as long as I make it to 183.4 by next week's weigh-in, I will have succeeded! I know I can do it. I just have to be careful over the weekend, because that's always such a huge struggle for me. 

Last weekend in fact, I ate like nobody's business, and it wasn't pretty. I consumed carbs, fat and calories like I didn't have a care in the world. Which makes me think if I wouldn't have done that, what would the scale say today? I'm not beating myself up over it or anything - we were having too much fun to care - but I know that I can't do that every weekend. Even my girl Elle Noel wrote on Monday about struggling with the weekends. So she made a commitment to be much more careful this coming weekend, and I decided I was going to join her, and make a much more conscious effort to stay on track. So here's to eating healthier over the weekend, and seeing 183 on the scale!

I'm still not completely back on track with working out four to five times a week (nearly impossible while the boys are here), but I've been doing what I can, and getting in some good workouts still.

Thursday: 1-mile run and an hour of Zumba (775 calories)
Monday: 2-mile run (425 calories)
Tuesday: 1-mile run and an hour of Zumba (811 calories)

If you look closely at the big picture on the right, you can see sweat on my forehead and chest. Yummy....
For Monday's 2-mile run, I once again ran the entire first mile, without walking one single step. Again, it was kinda slow (slower than when I walk a tiny bit of it), but I think it's more of an accomplishment to run for 12 and a half straight minutes anyways, so I'm OK with a slower time if that means no walking. My goal over the next few weeks is to hopefully be able to run the whole mile in about 12 minutes flat (give or take five or so seconds), and run two miles in 25 minutes. Seems very reasonable to me right now, so I think that's a solid goal. 

{Side note - it was so so humid outside on Monday while I was running, that I was seriously sweating buckets. So when I got to Jeff's house afterwards, one of the boys asked if I had been running in the rain, and why I was so wet. I was like, "Uh no honey, unfortunately that's just my nasty sweat everywhere..."}

I'm still doing good with my ViSalus shakes for breakfast and lunch every day, and trying to stay as low-carb as possible for snacks and dinners. (Although last night I enjoyed a few too many chips and salsa while waiting on our meal at our weekly Taco Tuesday dinner with friends. Oopsie.) And actually, I'm just now "officially" starting with ViSalus. Before, I had been drinking what Jeff ordered, but now I got my own order, and am signed up to be a part of their challenge. Actually, Jeff and I are both doing it, so we'll be recording some little videos of us to kick that off, and then once we lose 10 pounds, we get put in a running to win $1,000! Sounds great to me!

Pistachio shake was pretty decent, but didn't love it. Prob won't buy that mix again though...
All-in-all, still doing good and still motivated to keep going. I'm nowhere near where I want to be, or should be, and I'm certainly not giving up. I'm determined to keep on going and to reach my goals for the short term, for the year, and for very long term! I know I can do this. 

Also, I'm so, so thankful to have the support system that I do here from my blog. You ladies (whether friends, strangers or somewhere in between) really do encourage me so much, and I am so truly appreciative of that! Y'all's comments really do mean a lot to me each and every week, and are a huge part of my motivation. So thank you! And feel free to keep 'em comin' ;) 

If you want to follow along with any or all of this stuff throughout the week, you can find me logging, tracking and photgraphing this through MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Instagram. Come join me :)

Much Love, 


RitaMarie said...

Yay! You're doin' great!

That pistachio shake *looks* delish, but glad to know it wasn't. I won't buy that flavor, either. :)

Kindra Guy said...

Oh man the pistaccio one killed it for me when I was doing the Vi shakes. I couldn't get that taste out of my mouth. Kudos to you for wanting to continue it after trying that little mixture! My fav was always adding PB2. Can't go wrong with peanut butter!

Nicole McKenzie said...

Way to go with any loss! Weekends are definitely harder to stay on track which is why I bust my butt during the week so I don't feel bad indulging! :)

I know how you feel about running outside too! I started running again last week and I joined a running group that does 6 miles at 6am (6@6). I do NOT run 6 miles but I do run 3 and 6:00 is about the only time of day I could even consider going for a run. :P Keep it up, Halie!! xoxo

Kristin J said...

Oh weekends...I think they are the bane of all weigh-loss hopefuls existence. I have found I have to plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the weekend just the same as I do for the week or I am sunk.

Good job with the weight-loss! You can do this!

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

I can barely run/walk a 12:30 minute mile, much less run the whole thing! You go girl! You need to do a side by side pic of you in workout clothes in front of the mirror from when you started until now! That will be huge motivation for you going forward!!

Good luck this weekend! Weekends are always so so hard for me too!

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

Congrats on seeing a loss on the scale. It sounds like you're doing a great job of sticking to your plans to work out and eat healthier. Weekends are definitely a struggle for a lot of us. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that more than likely we aren't following a routine like we do during the week.

Becky said...

I had a co-worker tell me about the camel commercial yesterday and then finally saw it! too funny! Also, you're doing great!!! Glad to hear you're keeping motivated :)

Lauren ONeill said...

Yeah I'm not sure about Pistachio but what else are in your shakes? Just that powder stuff behind it? I bet I could have a shake in the mornings but by lunch I would have to eat actual food. Good on you girl! Keep up the good work :)

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Anonymous said...

The weekends are so tough. You still managed a loss so good for you!

Nicole said...

Just stopping by from the linkup and I know I haven't followed your journey but you seem to be doing so great!!! I struggle with the weekends too--and in general when I have a social life haha. So good for you for committing to trying to get better this weekend at least. Baby steps!

Anonymous said...

You look great and you are doing so awesome!!!

Cece said...

Good job on the weight loss! Especially for overdoing it over the weekend. Weekends can be tough. Good luck over the holidays.