Friday, June 7, 2013


It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday! And I'm feeling extremely Peppy = zippy, energetic, vigorous, lively. And this level of energy and excitement is not just for any 'ole Friday - although I do love me a Friday. But today's excitement is because it's the 2nd annual girls weekend with all of my friends from St. Augustine, at one of the girls' farm house in the country. Last year was sooo much fun, and I'm quite sure that this year is going to be just as great, if not even better. So today after work, I will make the short 45-minute drive to the farm house, to see six of my bestest girl friends!! 

Oh, and we've nick-named this annual tradition KAG dubbs - which stands for "kick a** girls weekend." (Sorry Mama for the language!) We decided the weekend needed a name that was equal to it's amount of awesomeness, and just "girls weekend" made it sound lame and not very awesome. So obviously we had to kick that up a notch. Can't wait to see them all tonight, and spend the whole weekend talking and laughing and slip-n-sliding and playing games and painting our nails and driving ATV's and holding hands and being silly and just having so much fun. It's gonna be the greatest.

But for today, let's hop into five awesome things from this past week, and link up with the cute Lauren Elizabeth.

1. Running and zumba is so much more fun when you do it with a friend! So glad that my friend and bridesmaid Lacey starting coming with me every Tuesday!

2. The cake tasting at Publix earlier this week was sooo delicious. And these tiny cakes are just adorable, aren't they?! Publix made it all pretty easy on us too, and they are definitely a great bakery choice for anyone who's looking for one.

3. This pretty little gazebo is where I'll become Mrs. Halie Pullen on October 5, 2013! We officially sent in our forms and deposit yesterday, and I am so stinking excited!!

4. My dessert for the past two nights has just been a spoonful of Trader Joe's Cookie Butter, and it's been so yummy. Don't judge me.

5. Chick-fil-A breakfast on the way to work this morning was definitely a great idea.

And not pictured above - we did our second registry last night, at Target! We've been super productive this week with wedding stuff. Since just last Saturday, here's all we've done: bought my dress, registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond and at Target, picked our cake, and Jeff's groom's cake, found our venue and submitted the deposit. Things are coming along quickly now, and I couldn't be more freaking excited!

Also, I'm excited because the look of this little bloggy is about to change again, thanks to the most awesome sauce designer and friend, Erin. And I'm so pumped for that!

Well I think that's enough blabbing for today, so I need to stop myself now before I just go on and on forever because I feel super hyper and amped right now, so I could just talk and talk forever.....(And that was a super long run-on sentence.) I hope y'all have had a good week, and that your weekend is even better. I know mine will be! Happy Friday!


Miranda said...

Sounds like an absolute blast! Hope you have a fantastic time! Happy Friday!

Becky said...

You have every reason to be super peppy!! Have a great girls weekend! Congrats on getting so much wedding stuff done this week - love gazebo!! Also, now I want Chickfila breakfast :P

Kristin said...

So much exciting stuff! Have an awesome weekend with the girls!

Erin said...

Ahhh! You are going to have SUCH a fun weekend, can't wait to hear all about it! :) And install your new look!! ;)

Veronica and Daniel said...

I see the cookie butter every trip to TJ and I have never let myself buy a jar because I know I would just eat it all by the like a sounds so yummy :) I LOVE that gazebo!!! And those little cakes are so cute! Cant wait to see all your details come together :)