Thursday, December 27, 2012

Presents, Puppies & Podiatry

BLOG FRIENDS! I feel like I've been away for sooo long. And I've really missed blogging!  A LOT has happened since I last wrote a post almost a week ago last Friday (although there was also a Christmas-themed scheduled post in there), so there's no way I can do a good old fashioned recap post. I am however going to attempt a quick catch-up of sorts, since there has definitely been some news to share over the last 6 days or so...

OK - first of all, we went to see The Hobbit on Friday night, and it was sooo good! I've seriously been sucked into the world of The Lord of the Rings, and I'm actually loving it. I've now watched all of LOTR, and am also reading a ton about the characters and their worlds online. Nerd alert right?! Whatever, it's fascinating.

Then Saturday morning I went to praise band practice for about three hours, had lunch with my fam, went home and started wrapping presents, only to get a text from my boyfriend saying he just got out of the ambulance and was at the ER!! WHAT?! After a few phone calls to his parents, I found out what happened and headed up there as well. Here's a brief synopsis: he was cleaning the roof, and had just finished up and was heading down the ladder. He had just put his second foot on the ladder, when it slid out from under him. He landed mainly on his right foot, then bounced onto his tailbone - all of this happened on his stone driveway. Ouch.

Long story short - he's been in severe pain since then, with only a temporary splint from the ER. Since it was Christmas, the foot doctor was closed, and we just went yesterday. Now he has pre-op today, and surgery tomorrow evening, around 5 pm. He has two broken bones, one of which will get a pin in it, and then he can't put any pressure on it for at least 4 weeks. Sheesh. It has been a rough couple of days for him, and I'm sure it's only going to be a little rougher after surgery. Please keep him in your prayers, so that he can recover quickly!

Then there were some adorable puppies visiting at his house when we got home, because his Granny is getting a precious little Yorkie puppy! We're just waiting until the puppy is old enough to leave her mama, and then this little girl comes home to Jeff's house!

Moving on to some much quicker recaps now...

Sunday was: church, lunch with friends, checking on Jeff, praise band practice, Awaken worship service, dinner with my parents, back to Jeff's house to check on him, movie time.

Monday was Christmas Eve: pancakes for breakfast, check on Jeff, pick up step-bro on the way home, round 1 of presents to and from my future brother-in-law, shot guns with my step-family in Woodville, Christmas Eve candlelight service, round 2 of presents with their whole family, and then I finished wrapping all my presents late at night while watching a cheesy Christmas movie with Mama.

Tuesday was Christmas day! Round 3 of presents with my 5-fam (mom, dad, me, sis, bro), breakfast with my 10-fam (add in: grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousin) at the Grandparents house, round 4 of presents, laughing and chatting and nap time, lunch time, more chatting, load up in the rain, head home. Then I went over to Jeff's house: round 5 of presents from him and his fam, card games, dessert, movie, dinner, movie.

Wednesday, I took the day off work: grabbed breakfast at Whataburger, went to Jeff's house, ate, took him to the doctor, started reading one of my new books, got a him new prescription, picked up lunch, headed back to his house, foot pain, movie, read more, napped, more foot pain, back to the doctor for a better wrapping on his foot, reading, his boys arrived!, round 6 of presents (this one for them only though), dinner, play time, movie rest time, cuddles, night-night, reading and hanging with my fam a bit at my house.

And now I'm back at work today, and it's about the last place I would like to be. I'd much rather be back over at Jeff's house, in some comfy PJ pants, playing games with the boys then cuddle up later to watch a movie after lunch time. Sounds much better than sitting at a desk all day, right?! At least I get to go over there later tonight for dinner and play time and cuddle time! And I can't believe it's already Thursday! Guys, that means that tomorrow is Friday, and that just seems like craziness. But really awesome craziness!

I hope y'all had some great Christmases as well, and that yours were injury free! Now we have to go about taking down all the decorations, and putting away our presents, and um, *ahem*, maybe returning one or two that just don't fit quite right... ;) Happy Thursday my friends!


WhatJeanLikes said...

I hope Jeff recovers quickly and with little hassle!! Sounds like he is in a lot of pain!! Poor thing. That puppy is adorbs!! I want one! :)

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Michelle said...

Its such a busy time of year isnt it, trying to fit everything in! Hope your pup is on the mend soon x

Jill Flinton said...

Room is an awesome book! Hope surgery went successfully!

Found you from Bloggers for Christmas.

Melissa McCoy said...

I found you from Let Them Eat Cake's blog hop and am your newest follower. Feel free to check out my blog and follow back :) Happy new year and happy upcoming birthday!
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