Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm feeling a little random and scatterbrained this afternoon, so what you get is just a string of Peculiar thoughts floating around in this crazy brain of mine...

++Tonight after church I am going shopping for my Mama's birthday present, since her birthday is on Saturday. I'm pretty positive I know what I'm getting her, but since she reads this here blog, I'll have to keep it a secret and reveal it another day. If necessary you know...

++I feel like I spend 80% of my days freezing cold. The majority of my day is always spent at my desk at work, and it's got to be something like 60 degrees in there, or colder. I constantly have on my sweater. (I also have socks and a blanket for those extreme days.) My fingers are always frozen, and my nose is always a tiny ice cube. Even when it's 100+ outside, I'll be super cold, and need to go outside to "thaw out" every now and again.

++I'm excited to go bowling on Friday night with some friends, and use up another one of my Groupons! Remember, I dubbed myself the Queen of Groupons last week sometime? Yeah, it's totally true.

++I did a  little facial mask this morning before my shower, and I think it helped out my post-menstrual syndrome acne. Yes, I get PostMS... So these last few days my poor face has been suffering from the torment of my monthly issues. I got this little trial-size packet from Walmart, and didn't use the whole thing, so I'll be doing it again in the next few days to get all the good outta that thing. But at least I look good doing it, right?!

++Found out about an hour ago that I won a giveaway on another blog, and I got so super excited! I won a print from THIS adorable Etsy shop. I like pretty much all of them, and have at least 7-8 "favorites." Picking out just one favorite is going to prove tricky I'm sure, but I can't wait to do so!

++Jeff bought the new Mumford & Sons album last night, and so tonight he's going to also let me have it too. Looking forward to listening to this non-stop for the next month or so, because I know myself and that's what I tend to do with new music.

++I started reading "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova last night. I've heard some good things about it from friends and strangers alike, and so I'm ready to get movin on this giant novel. The greatest part? It was originally supposed to be $16 for the paperback version, but was supposedly "on sale" (somewhere) for $12. But I am awesome and I scored this baby at The Dollar Tree for a whopping $1!! Yay for me!

I think that's enough for now. Hopefully no one is sitting at their computer crying because I've bored you to tears. Hopefully you'll come back and read this little blog again. And hopefully you'll like doing it :) Happy Hump Day!

Oh, and I posted a couple random blog posts over on my "photography" blog from a project I will tell you about tomorrow....but check it out HERE, ya know, if you want to and all ;)

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Rachel said...

Winning giveaways is always exciting! And you're super brave to post a picture with a face mask on your blog....but then you also look rather good for a face mask...I never apply them nearly so evenly and my hair rebelas against all headbands so it gets in my hair and the whole situations is generally not picture-worthy. :P