Friday, September 28, 2012

Packages of Books

Alright firstly, I want you to go check out the blog Mary in Marriedland, because she has been doing a series called "City in 5 Photos," and today my photos are featured! Yay! It's so weird and also so cool seeing my photos on someone else's blog. Mary is also a pretty cool gal, and I think you'll probably like her too :) And second, now onto our regularly scheduled broadcast...

Over a month ago I signed up to participate in a book swap with other bloggers. We got to sign up, select the styles of books we like, and then we got matched with a girl to send a book to, and another one to receive a book from. Then we all sent Packages of Books all over the country! And today is finally the tell-all and link-up! Thank you to the following ladies for organizing the whole thing, and giving us this fun swap! Can't wait to do it again!

So... my book came all the way from Arizona, from Jessa at Life of A Sport's Wife! She sent me "Daring to Dream" by Nora Roberts. It's a super easy read, and I flew through it pretty quickly. I've never read anything by Nora Roberts before, but it was pretty decent. I probably wouldn't have picked this book for myself (only because I've never ready her before), but I did actually end up enjoying it! However, it was book one of a three-book trilogy series. I haven't yet decided if I am going to read the rest of the trilogy, or if I will simply pretend like that was the end of it all... But this marks book number 2 of my 6 before my 25th birthday. Guess I better get scootin' and read a little faster, huh?!

Anywho, here's some pictures of my book and the cute and sweet little card Jessa sent me!

And I sent my books all the way up to Vermont to Kathleen at Espresso Yourself. I sent her two of my favorites off of my own Top 10 List. I sent her "The Mermaid Chair" as well as "The Secret History" because they're both so great. I hope she enjoyed them as much as I do! I also sent her a cute, tiny calendar I got at the Dollar Tree, and picked up one for myself as well. :) Check out her blog for her reveal and to see if she did in fact enjoy the books!

I made this cute little twine bow! Wouldn't it look perfect on a brown-paper package?!

And I'm linking up today with Aunie for "Just Because Fridays" over at her blog, AunieSauce!

Just Because Friday

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